It's All Good

Today is Sunday and I'm about to go out for 50 minute run.  It's one of the easiest weekend workouts I've had in a long time.  I'm happy to get this run done so I can catch up on work.  Getting my work done is one of my goals I set in training for the IM.  As my hours increase I will have less and less time to work. Plain and simple. I want a clean slate before that time hits me so I'm not stressed out to the max.

Training is going smoothly.  I am able to perform my workouts as prescribed by Carrie. I'm challenging myself in swim class by moving up a lane with the faster swimmers and trying to hold.  This technique causes me to work extremely hard. But I'm glad.  It can only help my swimming.

In April we go to CA to visit Donna and Carol..  I'm bringing my bike and hoping to ride through wine country with Donna on a 100 miler.

The Hyannis Half is next weekend and I've been training on less than 20 miles per week.  Weird but my runs are great and speedy.  We shall see what happens here.

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