Hyannis Half

email to coach Carrie about this race:

This half was much better than both HMs last year.  How can I not be happy about that!

Last year I ran two HMs. It was a really rough year on my ego in regard to my HMs. I know that might sound trivial but when you are used to certain times and all of the sudden your competition is kicking your butt and your times are getting slower – it’s not a fun time. With my 5k and this HM I do feel like I am on the up-swing now. Now that I have gotten to the core of my health issues.

My two HMs last year were
March - New Bedford 1:41:36 and
August - Rock N Roll (flat) was 1:43:15
Both much slower than 2010 and 2009.

In 2009 and 2010 I did 1:35 in two Half marathons.  My PR was in 2008 1:33 at Newton Chilly HM. I feel I’m close to where I was back then.

What I believe is that – since I have shifted my training to IM I can’t expect to get my racing speed back since my mileage is so low.  However, seeing my recent results in the 5k and HM I am confident that I COULD get my speed back if I shifted back to pure running. Of course that’s not my goal – I’m just saying that it’s comforting to me to see my races improving on less than 20 miles per week!

BTW -  I think I could have done better if I had my GU with me. I accidentally left it behind when I ditched my wind breaker. There wasn’t any on the course. 

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Looking good!!

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