OK, so yesterday I went to Landry's for some GU and Endurance Gatorade. It is possible to spend $60 on GU and Gatorade. I know because I did it. I had to read my receipt over three times to be sure they added correctly or didn't add in something extra. Low and behold they were correct. I swear I did not add in anything extra. No socks or maps or tubes. Just the Gatorade, those 6 pack boxes of GU and some of the GU with protein. Oh, and I tried some Mint Chocolate GU. Sheesh.. I was a little shocked.

The good news is that there is an understanding in my household that I have to pay, out of my spending account, for any extra fun stuff such as biking gear, running clothes, swim suits. Pretty much anything to do with tri training. However, I consider the GU and Gatorade to be food so I did not pay for that out of my spending account. Food is essential to life and therefore is not an extra. Don't you agree?

I still have not decided on which tri to do in June. Mary has introduced a new tri in Connecticut that looks pretty glitzy. I'm thinking about it. I really just want to decide once and for all but don't want to make any rash decisions. Once I decide on my "A" races everything else will fall into place.

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IronMatron said...

You need to buy in bulk, online. It's the only way to go!

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