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My mind works better when I'm running or biking. Maybe not swimming but definitely the former. I came up with all these cool subjects to blog about but I'll be dammed if I can remember them. That's because I'm at work and my mind is laden with thoughts of killing customers that I don't like.. lol...

So, with that said, I really only like to blog when I have something interesting to say however that is not a very common occurrence, unfortunately. I love to chat but I figure no one really care about what I blog about unless there is a good topic.

I have just decided to be a little lame and blog anyways. About things that are not all that interesting or important.

I'm babysitting my friend's poodle! Suki. She's 14 in dog years so that makes her about 90 I think. She's extremely petite and likes to sit on your lap (from being completely spoiled) allllllllllllll "f" ing day long. While I'm at work! I will be a good babysitter and oblige (most of the time).

I think I'm going to do the Connecticut Triathlon in June rather than the Lancaster or Patriot. Mary and Ange are doing a halfiron in CT so I will tag along with the more experienced gals in the hopes that they will take pity on me and show me the ropes.. FAT CHANCE.

I am exhausted and I have to make 2 dozen cookies for my sister-in-laws Xmas party. I think I'll wait till the last minute. I need a nap.

I'm pretty stoked about doing Derry in January, Foxboro 10 miler in February, and not sure what I'll do March and April but I'll be doing one thing for sure. TRAINING MY ARSE OF FOR THE JUNE HALF IRONMAN!!! More later..

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Speed Racer said...

It's December. Does ANYONE have anything interesting to say?! I know what you mean though, sometimes you've just gotta post about nothing.

I'll be at both the Patriot and the race in CT in June (although I'll probably only do the aquabike for one of them – running and I don't get along). The Patriot was really low-key, whereas the Revolution race I have a feeling won't be. My friend Michelle is probably also doing Patriot for her first half ironman. Her blog is http://fitaspirations.blogspot.com/

Good luck with the winter training!

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