New Years Day Off

I am so pissed at myself today. Yesterday, we took off for Florida at 6:00 pm. We had not eaten dinner and decided that since we had a big lunch we would not really worry about having a real dinner. After all we had some nuts and popcorn to curb our appetite.

We arrive in Tamp and drive 1.5 hours to N. Venice in a van to find Maureen and Paul partying it up with their friends. Great! We needed to relax a little and unwind after the de-icing stress on the plane. We were Grateful to have made it out of the snow alive. :P

So it's new years eve and I am making a Cosmo. My second favorite drink. After the first one I decided I would have a second. It was, for some reason, like drinking juice. I didn't feel like I had drank too much after a couple of hours. I was very wrong! I awoke today to a miserable, nauseating feeling that took half of my day to recover from. Yes, I was severely hung over. Bad, bad, judgement on my part. Not enough food and too much alcohol. Plus, with my weight loss I am still not able to consume the way I used to. I'm, unfortunately a light weight of sorts.

Now, my workout is also ruined for the day. I had a 10 mile run planned (some at tempo pace). NOT a great way to start off new years. At least now I have a resolution. Never do that again!


IronMatron said...

Don't be too hard on yourself! I did that after Worlds, and the next day I was hurting so badly. You won't do it again for a long while!

Ange said...

I can't count how many New Year's Days I've said that! It's ok. It was just a day. You lost a run and that's always hard for us but, it won't ruin your season. It's great to hear you had fun with your friends!! Happy New Year!

Jennifer Harrison said...

HA, I love reading your blog...perfect! NO worries, Melissa....January 1st is still early....! :)) Happy New Year!

mconley342 said...

Hi Mel: Celebrating is fun specially if you have great friends around. But no worries, misssing one or two workouts will not put you out of service. Happy New Year 2009.

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