The Ball is Rolling

I sent in my application for the Ashland International distance tri yesterday. That's it, I'm committed, no way out now. I'm glad I finally bit the bullet. I think that I will be even more focused now that I am a real entrant and not just a wannabe. This should be interesting since I have not done a tri since I was in highschool and that was a sprint.

I also decided to stay with my long distance coach after a lot of thought. I really like him and I want him to help me with my marathon goal of running a 3:15 (eventually). So to switch now didn't make sense even though his specialty is running and not tri training. Happy 1st day of Spring!!!

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IronMatron said...

Yeah! Andy might do Ashland too. (It's on Father's Day.) I hope to get out and watch it!
You are going to be a rock star triathlete.

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