Rabbit Ramble

I am very happy with my race performance. My time by their clock was 20:36. The course was probably short by .03 which is pretty darn close to an actual 3.1.

The race took place in this very cute country like town with lovely country roads called Wrentham. I really did not think this race would attract so many fast women. But it did. I was 5Th woman overall and 2ND in my age group. Last year I would have been 2ND woman overall. Regardless, I feel as though all the cross training has strengthened my upper body and legs which helped me stay strong. Even though it's only a 5k I tend to leave it all out there and therefore feel very tired in the last mile so to have that extra strength was really nice. I definitely felt more physically strong and am very happy. Yippee!!

Not only that but my other teammates did well also. Michael, who just broke his streak ran 20:39, Melissa B. ran 7:45's, Tom pushed his two kidds in a stroller and came in just behind me and Mike, and Zac (THE MAN) was second overall! It was a great day!


Ange said...

Great job at your 5k!! You're right that the xtraining helps! I bet you'll see your running times take off and they're already super fast! I'm excited to watch you!

IronMatron said...

I have infinite respect for leaving it all out there!
You did awesome. Congrats.

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