Cha Cha Cha Changes

I have nothing to say about triathlon except - it's a blast. Finally, the Ashland Olympic is next weekend and I get to try out my new Zip wheels for the first time. I'm going to KILL it! If all goes well of course.

I have not even done a triathlon yet this year. Mostly because I was focused on training for the Boston Marathon and I really could not handle anything more than that.  2013 was off to a slow start racing wise because I have chose to endure some major adjustments in my life.  Mostly my commute to the office. It has gone from a mere 10 minute ride to a 45 minute - 1:10 ride. Ouchy.

I used to waddle into the office at anytime of the day - I look back now and realize - I was spoiled.  I had flexibility as needed during Ironman training. Of course I did plan it that way but still.  I could swim in the middle of the day if I wanted to. I could leave work early or come into work late.  Then, January 1st 2013 it all came to halt when Kathy and I decided to acquire another insurance agency location.  In the city. Yup. We did.  In Cambridge, MA.   I am now the proud owner of not one but two insurance agencies. I'm also the proud owner of an unusually long, hideous commute.  I do have to make a living. 

Okay - enough complaining right?  I did choose this life after all. The positives that come from a long commute?  I am the best driver in the state of MA (at least I think I am).  Do not get in front of me! I will run you down. Not really but I AM way more aggressive these days with my driving. Oh - I know all the back roads and I know how to get around the city really well.

Cambridge is such an incredible city. When I finally do arrive everyday I am happy I am here. There is an awesome vibe in Cambridge. The people that I have met are optimistic. I am starting to think that the people are happier in the city than they are in the burbs. Maybe they feel more connected because there is less room in the city and thus feel happier inside. Awe. Puke.

I am hoping with great hope that I can manage my work commute schedule to train for IM Mont Tremblant 2014. I am a firm believer in wheretheresawillthereisaway.  Hopefully, sometime in the coming months, I will find a creative way to either do my workouts in Cambridge or the traffic will miraculously lighten. I really want to sign up in August!

However - if I really find that training for a halfiron this summer is way too much then I might have to put IM Tremblant on hold for another year. That would suck but I refuse to make life a living hell. Stressing over getting in the "hours".  I also believe that everything happens in due time. I just might have to be patient.

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