May 2013

Although it's been an entire month since Boston it is still hard to get to excited about racing. I have been following the victims and their recovery.  Just to see them smiling is in some strange way a relief to me.  Sometimes my catholic guilt really gets me and I wonder - why did those people have to lose a leg? why did that family have to lose their child? why didn't that happen to me?  Then, eventually, I think - if I was suppose to be the one injured I would have been. It wasn't meant to be.  I still get sad when I think about the victims,  their injuries, and the trauma they must have experienced.  I wonder about that moment when they were suddenly struck with the thought that they just lost a limb. What were the thoughts that went through their minds at that moment?  I would imagine that they were very scared.

I have been watching them on Facebook.  Looking to make sure they have happy moments. Watching them being surrounded by people who are uplifting and who have been through this kind of injury is good to see. I am grateful that there are people out there who can help these people. The trauma doctors, the injured soldiers, the heroes...

I can't believe an entire month has past since Boston.  Truth be told, time really does help. I haven't felt the urgency as much as before to view the victim's pages. I need to let them move on and I need to move on as well. It's part of the process. I still check in on them from time to time and am praying for them because I'm pretty sure they have some long roads ahead of them. I am confident and have faith that eventually they will be fine. Eventually we will all be fine.

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