I'm 48 years old this year and going for a PR. That's a very tall order. But I am going to go for it regardless. (does this make me an ageist?)

The excitement is building! Soon I will be surrounded by thousands of runners all lined up for the Boston Marathon in little ole Hopkinton MA.  These are the days when panicked phrases dart in and out of my head - "what have I done",  "I'm going to puke", "why am I doing this to myself", "what if I have a bad day", "what if my quads blow up".... stuff like that.   I allow those thoughts to happen and then pass.  It really is part of the process.  I've already had at least two anxiety dreams as well in which I have either forgotten my number or have gotten lost on the course even though I've run this course 5 other times.

For the next three days I will rest, eat, visualize, run a little bit and that is it. Whatever happens on Monday, happens on Monday. I hope everyone has a great Boston run.


Mary IronMatron said...

GO MEL!!! You are going to get that PR!!!!
Okay, I want you to know I am going to be bythe Rt. 16 playground in Wellesley-just as you start to go down the hill into Newton Lower Falls. It's about 15.5 miles--I think just before the 25k sign. Right hand side! I will be looking for you!! xo Good luck!

KMichaud said...

You're going to rock this one Miss Speedy! I'll be tracking you via online! Run fast and at least it's not going to be 90 billion degrees out again! :-)

cheryl said...

go Melissa!

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