New Bedford Race Report

Ok the boring part:  I wanted to do better than Hyannis 3 weeks ago where I did 1:36 something in the rain.  Today it was sunny and 38ish. Perfect conditions except for a little head wind at times.  I prepared carefully eating all the right foods leading up to the race, hydrating, sleeping….  I filled up on some pre-race drink just before. I ate Cliff Shots every 3 miles for the first half then 2 caffeinated GUs at 6 and 9. 

The race – I started off towards the front and when out strong.  My local competitor friends Maria, Rose, Maureen, and Debra and I all lined up together.  First mile was sub 7:00.  I felt OK but settled into a more comfortable pace of 7:05 – 7:08 for the following 6 miles.  I was instantly overdressed and had to remove my hat and gloves and tuck them into my capris.  At the middle point I noticed this woman about my age running right next to me, then slowly pulling away, then pulling up to the girl in front of me. HA! I got your number. You are picking us off. This was perfect for me as I was motivated to catch up to her and her new victim. Slowly I caught them all the while increasing my pace back to a 7:05ish.  I was able to keep my pace for the most part and felt incredibly fast actually.  That said my awesome race only got me 17th in my division.  This race was so competitive that even an average pace of 6:30 did not get you into the top 10 in the 40-49 division! 

I  also managed to screw up big time when I thought that I was constantly checking  my lap split but in fact was staring at my average pace causing me to think I was very solidly holding my pace.  Once I realized my error I couldn't bring myself to look at my lap split rather then average pace while racing. I left the average pace as my barometer. Afraid I would be disappointed to see a slowing lap split. Somewhere along the way I managed a few 7:18s and one 7:30 on the last “hill” which reduced my overall pace to 7:14.   Final time was 1:34:29.  Two minutes faster than Hyannis 3 weeks ago.   J

I THINK the GUs gave me a stomach issue after the race. I’m going to switch to caffeinated Cliff Shots like Carrie suggested.  I got a big blister on my second largest toe on my right foot  while using Kinvaras. This also happened at Hyannis but it was raining so I thought it was due to the rain.  I will not be using Kinvaras for the marathon but I still love them for shorter distances blister and all.  Happy running! Boston is only 4 weeks away.


speedy said...

Great job today! It was fun hanging with you! I am done with the Kinvara's also, my feet were numb. I'll only use them for shorter races and track workouts.

speedy said...

Great race Mel! The Kinvara's were too light for me. They are best for shorter races. It was fun hanging with you! Thanks for driving.

bparish said...

Congrats, Mel! Thanks for posting - I always enjoy hearing about the races, what worked for you and what didn't, etc.
Good luck on Boston!!

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