Ashland Olympic RR

Here is how I view my race.

I think the swim was short. I do not swim 1:30/100 yards. My time was 26:42.  I have never ever swum that fast for 100 yards, let alone 1760.  That said - I was 3rd out of 10 in the swim in my age group. Yes, I am satisfied with my 3rd place finish on this swim.

The swim itself was lovely. A little choppy but nothing too annoying. It took place in very nice reservoir. I will say that the exit was hard to find.

Here is some juice. I started at the front of my swim pack. Why you ask? Would I do that KNOWING I'm not one of the stronger swimmers? Because I wanted to push myself and Carrie has been giving me these little drills to do.  Go out really hard for 30 strokes then settle. So that's what I did. I went out really hard for 30 strokes then settled in. Well - I probably shouldn't have done that because soon after I settled in I felt like I was being swallowed up like a guppy. Nemo comes to mind. Someone kicked my goggles so I had to fix them. I was just glad I didn't loose them all together.  I could have SWORN someone had fins on when I accidentally brushed them with my hand. I managed to swim in some bubbles a couple of times.  After I survived the beating I found my stroke and just swam.  I actually passed a few blue caps from the wave that went before me. Woot Woot~

My bike for 26 miles was 1:20:59 which equates to 19.2 MPH.  I'm pleased with this because while I was out there on that course I realized just how tough the course was. Although I was able to train on this course a few times and knew it was hilly it's just hard to imagine how fast you can go when racing. I mean, it's hard to guess how fast you will be able to go on average come race day. Knowing now how hard it was, I am pleased with 19 MPH. I was 2nd on my AG on the bike. :)

The bike was a little uneventful. I ate every 10 minutes or so. The Cliff Bloks work really well with me. No issues!!  I definitely caught up to a lot of people on the bike and passed them. I tend to pass people on the downhills but not the uphills. A couple of people passed me as well. The guy in front of me hit a chipmunk but I think the little guy will be okay. I saw him scurry away after his tumble.  Oh and for some gross talk - because I know everyone likes that - I was going up hill keeping my head down when I realized I road right over a dead squirrel. That was gross. I did that on both loops.

My run was also good.  I ran 48:08 for 6.2 which equates to 7:44s. The run was also very hilly and I felt pretty good so I can't complain.  I had to blow my nose several times. Thank GOD I had paper-towels with me.  I had a few people shout out to me for encouragement. I reciprocated of course.

In the end I was also 5th woman OA. I think I'm more excited about that placement than my 1st place AG.

One other little caveat at this race was their trek from the swim to transition. It was ridiculous. All uphill, muddier than hell, lots of roots sticking out and very slippery. Almost everyone had to put a pair of sneaks down at the swim. Many people were walking this part. Not me.

The weather was splendid. Kathy and Fergie came to cheer me on. We were treated to a fabulous performance of the star spangled banner sung by a top 10 American Idol contestant Ayla Brown. I met a fellow PBMer and we chatted. Lots of nice people. Long day!

I finally made it to the podium for my 1st place age group. I made Kathy stay for the awards so she could take a picture.  Thanks to coach Carrie for getting me to my first podium finish.  I'll post pics in a bit.

Fergie really toughed it out today at the triathlon.


Mary IronMatron said...

Congrats, Melissa!!! Awesome race! That transition from swim to bike is notorious... !

kT said...

Great job, Melissa! Yup, the swim was short, but you still did great. I agree-the exit was all but invisible. Nice job flying by me on the run!

GoBigGreen said...

that is awesome Mel. Great race. I remember Rich once ran over a squirrel or so he thought but it actually got into his spokes and it flung around and UP in the air and....landed behind him. Yuk. I am not sure he looked back.

melissa caron said...

Hey - great to see you. thanks!

melissa caron said...

I tried to reply earlier but only have the reply option on mobIle app? anywho thanks! that is really gross :))

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