This week I feel as though I have turned a corner.

It was only three weeks ago while training for the Half Iron during which I felt burnt out mentally. Not necessarily physically but definately mentally. All I could think of for two weeks was damn I can't wait until this is over. Well I haven't had a break in my training for a while now . I'm going to need a really long break to recover from this. And, it's been over a year since I started this training. It's no wonder I feel this way. On and on this went.

This week has proven those thoughts to be not wrong but exaggerated.

After an entire week of rest and no training I do not feel that I am in desperate need of a very long break. I'm not implying that I am going to continue to train HARD during the off season. I would surely burn out then. I'm just saying that my mind complained a lot more than it needed to. Bad mind.

I was soooo looking forward to doing no training. None. Nunca, nadda.. I saw myself lounging around and hanging back. Sewing, reading, cooking, visiting people I haven't seen in a while. On and on that went.

Whatever I was thinking THEN, is NOT what I'm thinking now.

NOW I'm happy that I have completed this huge triathlon training year with two Half Irons under my belt. I'm happy that I am injury free. I'm REALLY happy that I almost have enough dough saved up for a real tri bike. I'm thinking that I am in really good shape this time around and that I do not have to "get a jump start on the off season" like I did last year. I can take the off season OFF like everyone else does. Course you all know that the off season does not necessarily mean off RIGHT? It just means lighter weeks of training. AND, ALAS I'm happy that I have more time for running now!!!

So what does this corner mean? My mind telling me I'm done. Cuput. Only to find that I'm really not done at all. It just needed a little time off. Does this mean I am now tougher and can handle more now that I have turned this corner? Have I reached a new level of training in which my mind is adapting to the longer workouts?

Speaking of corners. There is a very small corner of months, October and November during which it is FINE to focus on running. I now get to turn my training towards road racing. After resting this week I'm rejuvenated. Coach Jen came up with a great plan to focus on the running while keeping a few swim and bike workouts on the schedule. I'm all fired up for some great races within the next couple of months. I might even do a marathon in February.

Au Revoir..


IronMatron said...

Yes, you are officially quick to recover both mentally and physically! :)
Oh! So fun to focus on the running for just a bit. Have you made plans for next season yet for TRI?? My fav. thing to do is to plan those races...

maria conley said...

I'm glad you feel rejuvanted and are turning to road racing, for now. We missed you in the road racing field.

Jennifer Harrison said...

YES, there SHE IS! :)) I knew you were in the total depths of SOOO absolutely tired...that is FINE. We all need a break. Re-focsuing on Road racing will keep you fit and keep your fire. The swim and bike can wait ....a little longer!


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