Pumpkinman RR

I think it's best to write up my report ASAP while everything is still fresh in my mind. So here goes. It is a little long and detailed so I can refer to it for my next Half Ironman.

Up at 4:30 am to get to the lodge on time and to do all the other tasks that must be done by 6:30 to meet everyone on the beach for the meeting. Kathy was an awesome supporter. I don't know what I would do if she didn't go with me. It would be really hard to manage every detail.

The water was nice. I had enough time to warm up for about 10 minutes in the water. I was really happy with that because I have found that, like my running, I take a while to warm up. Must be age I guess.

I got behind the first line of women and we were off before we knew it. I swam hard. It was a small field, only 100 per wave which caused me to be unafraid to start up front. OK, so all went well for at least the first .2 miles of the swim. Then, when the guys behind started to catch me they, in their need to pass me, felt it necessary to swim OVER me instead of PAST me. I honestly think they need to practice spotting. Some of the women did this to. By the 2ND
swim- over-me I had had all that I could take and started to fight back. I kicked and pushed. Then, at one point this guy collided with me. He actually said sorry. Nice guy. The rest of the swim was awesome. I felt strong and prepared.

My swim was 36 minutes. This was a really great swim for me. It translates to 1:42 per 2 laps in the pool. When I started out I was doing over 2:00 per 2 laps.

T1 was better. 4:43. Not great but better. I couldn't get my wetsuit off.

The bike went very well also. I had a huge PR on the bike. 3:01 which translates to 18.5 mph. I'm very satisfied with my bike. I feel like all the work paid off. I now know I need a rear fueling system. This will eleviate the need to carry a bottle on my back. Although this worked OK, I found myself driving off the road into the dirt and nearly hit a Mail Box when I went to reach for it the first time. Heheheheh.

T2 was a lot better at 1:51. Good!

The run is when the ghost of Mooseman reappeared. I had a very specific plan for how much and what I would drink and eat on the bike. Unfortunately my plan did not have the outcome I had hoped for. My stomach backfired on me after the first mile again. I just can't digest GU and watered down Endurance Gatorade. I wonder what everyone uses and if this happens to others. Please share with me what works for you and if you have had this problem.

Kathy took lots of pics at my encouragement of course. I had one pit stop on the run, my chain fell of once. I also have a really bad rash under my arm. I think I could have avoided that with more body glide. None of the aid stations had lube.. I asked.

Final time at 5:38 - which is a 17 minutes reduction from Mooseman. Yeah!


Ange said...

Congrats Melissa!!!! 17 min PR is GREAT! And awesome swim and bike!!! I'm sorry you had belly probs in the run... so hard go figure it all out. I find that GU has sugars that are tough to digest. I use Hammer gels...long chain sugars that digest more slowly. Something to think about/try maybe.
Hope you can enjoy a MUCH DEserved OFF SEASON! Congrats!!!!!!

IronMatron said...

Awesome race! So psyched for your swim split. You worked hard and you were patient, and it really paid off! And great improvement on the bike. Both Ange and I did around that for our first half at the END of our first season of Tri, just like you.
The nutrition is hard. Maybe you should take a gel right before you get off the bike--like 10 minutes before, and then give yourself a good half hour into the run before you take another? That way your body would be somewhat used to the jostling. Another thought is that sometimes have GI issues when they are dehydrated--. Just a thought.
Time for some RandR!

Michelle said...

GREAT day Melissa!!!!! Really, really awesome.

Re: stomach issues. It's taken me a while to figure out what works for me, and I *think* I've nailed it. I don't do gel on the bike - something about it just doesn't work for me. I use Gu20 for my hydration, and EFS Super Shot (I think that's what it's called) for nutrition. It's gel-like, but for whatever reason this works. Another option that I've monkeyed with that seemed to work well is CarboPro - tons of calories, but you mix it in with your hydration so no need for anything else. How many calories were you shooting for on the bike, per hour? How much hydration did you manage to get in? You could have been a bit dehydrated, as Mary mentioned.

I definitely find nutrition to be the hardest thing to master about this sport, because it's SO finicky and personal. But it sounds like despite some issues, you kicked some serious butt!!!!! Great season this year!

Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing. I just want to say that I am certain that I was not dehydrated. I drank 3 bottles for the 3 hour ride. I pee'd before during and after. I think it is the sugars in the GU. I am going to switch things up and try one of the products with less sugar.

maria conley said...

Great job, Melissa. I was thinking of you the whole day. Great job on all three. Great job to Kathy too for being there for you. Are you doing the Tri in Dover/Sherborne this weekend? Or it's to soon to do another Tri back to back.

Jennifer Harrison said...

Melissa! YOU have worked so hard and it was an amazing year for you - TWO halfs and PRs to boot! I know some weeks were REALLY tough but you put your head down and did the work and you SHOULD be so proud of yourself! I am happy for you & proud of you! enjoy some run races now (yay) and then some down time (which never lasts that long, haha). :)) CONGRATS!

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