3 Weeks till Mooseman!!

Training is going OK. I would have liked it better had I not gotten the flue last week and missed 7 straight days of training. But, what can a person do. I'm grateful I have come this far and am pleased with my progress.

I have a great coach who you can visit at http://www.jenharrison.com/. She is always there for me... sniff sniff... when I need her. Last week she calmed my nerves a bit when I got sick and did not know what to do about missing a 4.5 hour workout. All coming just before vacation. A vacation which would not afford me a bike for 8 more days. Can you say "recumbent bike"... I can.. it's all I had but at least I had THAT!

Today I was able to get in a 3 hour bike ride. Thank goodness for that.. I still have a least two more hard bike rides to get my butt in shape.. That's another plus. So, there are all these pluses that I keep reminding myself about.. however... I still find myself a little freaked out that in three weeks I have to put this all together at this really huge race. This is not to be taken lightly.. I could be out there for 6 hours or so. There are going to be lots of very scary looking people there.. I just hope they are smiling a little bit.. but they probably won't be..

Last night I even had a recurring anxiety dream about the Boston Marathon and I'm not even running a marathon. In the dream there are no signs in the BUILDING in which the race goes through. Yes, I dream that I am running up and down a stairwell while running the Boston Marathon and there are no signs on which exit to use and nobody seems to know where to go when I yell at them.. It's a horrible horrible dream..

I will be seeing some people that I know at the race.. Mary, Ange,, that's about it. They will probably be just as stressed out as me if not more. I mean that in a good way.

That's it. There's nothing else. Just keep training and smiling..


IronMatron said...

oh! That is a horrible dream!

Believe me--there will be A LOT of people smiling....
Just not me and Ange. We will be shitting bricks. Sorry! But we have tons of friends we are going to introduce you to who WILL smile.
It will be fun! And so hard! and I know you'll love it and we'll have to get a big jug of cerveza after we're done...

maria conley said...

Hi Mel, don't stress yourself out. I know easy for me to say this, but I think that you will do great. There is no dout in my mind that you will conquer this task very well.

Kim said...

i'll be at mooseman - well, i am only doing the Oly - but hopefully i can meet up with mary, ange and you at some point! you will be ready!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Melissa!!! You will be fine. We all get sick or have minor setbacks - otherwise your training has been doing DIVINE (lovely word, eh?) and 6/6 will go smoothly for you all. :)

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