A note about the big day

One week from Sunday I'll be grinning ear to ear.. I just can't wait.. I feel like a new born baby seeing it's mama for the first time. I only hope I don't cry like the newborn baby. In order to be sure of that:

FIRST note to self: BRING ADVIL..
Since the race director probably didn't squeeze in an ice bath tent, Advil is the next best thing.

I hope that after this race I get some respect.. ya..that's right.. R E S P E C T.... In the triathlon world, as with any other sport, I feel one must prove oneself .. and it takes EXTRA EXTRA long in the triathlon world to do that due to the nature of the short seasons.. a sprint here, an Oly. there.. Season Over.

Apparently you have to do the BIGGER Races to really know what it's all about.. OK so saddle up for 10 months of training before your BIG EFFING DAY.....

OK. OK... the one thing I have going for me is that I absolutely love the whole training pattern.. The on on on off on on on monthly mantra... Perhaps I love this more than the actual race.. It is possible but I can not be sure.. the elation one feels after a good race is hard to beat.. but that only lasts for a couple of days.. Then, back to work.. for 10 months....

So, after this Half IM I am back on track to train for Pumpkinman in September.. These are my two BIGGIES for the 2009.. ..


Meredith said...

I'm learning to love the training cycle to put forth all my effort in one race.

Good luck. Hope you rock it!

Michelle said...

You are going to do great Melissa!!!! And there actually IS a *huge* ice bath at Mooseman - it's called Newfound Lake. :) Seriously, it works like a charm for a post race soak.

Jennifer Harrison said...

YOu are SO ready Melissa! GO OUT there and have a great day and race!!!!!! ENJOY !!! All the work is done! :)

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