Lots of Swimming

I'm starting to see a pattern of training that's finally starting to feel very comfortable. Lots of swimming Sunday and Monday. I swam 3.1 miles between the two days! That's a first. I still have to have my swimming analysis done. I could be doing it all wrong and thus wasting time. Well, even if I'm wasting my time it sure is adding muscle to my upper body. I'm happy about that because I have always had a weak upper body.

The biking is easy right now. Not too much biking. I think my coach secretly feels bad for me because she knows how much I"m going to suffer on the trainer all winter long. I think she's going easy on me right now because of that reason. lol...

The running is going Great! I ran really hard on Saturday with the help of a friend. My pace was about half marathon pace or a little faster. This pace was about all I could handle for 14 miles. Thanks Zac. I really would not want to do that workout by myself like Mary did. Poor Gal.. lol.

So, in closing. I'm really liking the way my training schedule is lined up. I still get to go to the track on Tuesdays with the club. I also get to run for an hour or so on Thursdays which gives even more time to socialize. THIS is working for me. :)


Jennifer Harrison said...

HAHA! Glad your running is feeling good - the biking WILL come...just keeping the eyes on the short term prize right now - the 1/2 Marathon! :) Jen H.

IronMatron said...

Soon you are going to be a rock star in the pool! And then you'll do my aquathons!
You NAILED that run on Sat. I see Zac is your secret weapon. Hmmm. Could I steal him away?

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