"Just" no more

Motivation comes in weird ways. Today I was told that using the word "just" in a sentence diminishes your thoughts and actions. I realized right away that I use this word way to much. Ahem.. "I am just going to go for it" OR "I'm am going to go for it". The phrase speaks for itself. It's a no brainier which one has more meaning. From now on I will not use that word. SO, for the Bay State Half that is this weekend, I am going to go for my PR! I'm psyched and can't wait!


IronMatron said...

Interesting! Who pointed that one out? You GO for that PR. You are ready! You are so fit right now and so fast and super slim!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Have a great race, Melissa! Get after it - no regrets! !! !!!
Jen H.

mconley342 said...

Good luck Mel. Not just do it. Go for it.

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