OK, I only had to run 2 miles today. I don't think I have ever run just 2 miles. Maybe as a cool down but not as a scheduled taper run. I have always run at least 3, I'm pretty sure. BUT who's complaining? NOT ME! I'm happy to not only run just 2 miles today but have taken an additional day off from all sporting activities yesterday. This is part of my new coach's plan for my race tomorrow. She must have realized that we 40somethings need extra rest. Hey, I'll take it! I don't care if she thinks I'm old at 43. I think I'm old. :)

Tomorrow's race is a 5 miler. I have not raced once since, mmmmmm, June? Good grief I hope it's not tooooo painful. Regardless of how I do I will always be glad I ran it. I have never ever regretted running a race. It will also be interesting to see if I was able to maintain my short distance speed over the summer. Even though I didn't race I maintained at least one speed workout most weeks.

I am about to end my first week of training under Jen's tutelage. I made it through feeling pretty good. Lots of swimming, speed work, double workouts, and biking. Now if I could just decide on the two half irons to do next year. Tootles!

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