Ollie Race Report!

I love this race because since it's a USATF Championship you really get to see where you stand in the pecking order for most of Massachusetts.

Met up at Vellos at 8:15 am. We all piled into Tracey's van, thanks Tracey. We gave Maureen L. a bunch of "sh_ _ " because there is a "race" for the grand Prix http://www.greaternorwoodrunners.org/standings.htm prize within our club and some people were banking on her not being there. She was a good sport about the harassment.

The weather was, to say the least, oppressive. The humidity must have been 100%. I think the results should actually post the degrees and humidity for each race because sometimes this can really effect the results.

Most of us lined up right up front. We then did a little GNRC team shout with hands piled on top of each others which was kinda goofy. This made us all laugh pretty hard at how ridiculous we must have looked. Way to easy the tension! Tracey, Maureen, Angie, Melissa B, Melissa C., Dan B., and Maria were there. We later saw Don Burke as well so we had a great GNRC turn out.

My splits were 6:44, 6:49, 6:49, 6:55, 6:48. I ended up 13th out of 167 (34:05) in my 40-49 age group. Last year I did 35:51 so I'm pretty happy with my time this year. http://www.coolrunning.com/results/07/ma/Sep8_Ollie5_set1.shtml

Other than that, I swam for an hour on Sunday and biked for an hour on Sunday as I close up my first week with my new triathlon coach. I would have to say this first week went very well. I feel good! I am starting to feel the endurance training kick in. Meaning, my training sessions are getting longer. My hours of training were 6:37 this past week and I'm scheduled for over 10 hours of training this week. Yikes!!

On top of this I hosted a Wedding Shower for Kathy's sister on Sunday. As a triathlete you learn really fast how to organize your time and make every minute count. You have to! I literally got off my bike Sunday at 2:00pm, I still had to make the Sangria and take a shower all by 3:pm. I was more than happy to be in charge of the Sangria. :)


IronMatron said...

What an awesome race! You killed your time from last year and it was so hot! (I seem to remember it was hot last year, too. Was it?) And you kicked CC's butt!HAHA!
Sounds like you guys had fun.
You are right about making every minute count. Triathlon is sooo time intensive. I definitely sometimes long for the days when I thought a 3 hour workout was the longest ever...

mconley342 said...

You had awesome splits, considering the humidity was terribly high.

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