Changing Gears

I have suddenly realized that I will not complete all the goals I have set forth for this summer. It doesn't matter why. I just know it's so. Part of me wants to puke while writing this. Part of me is sad and mournful of saying goodbye to my newly found love, triathlon, until next year. Part of me is glad and feeling relieved of the stress I was bringing upon myself. Another part of me is feeling exhilarated with the freedom I have given myself.

I am not sick. I am not having any problems with my relationships or work life. The truth is I want to enjoy the two short months of July and August. I don't want to spend two days in a car or ride my bike on the highway or swim in the ocean all by myself. These are the elements of training I would be facing in July and August due to my vacation schedule. [It's] just not worth it right now.

I'm taking advantage of this time to reflect and to change things up a bit. I have let go of my coach of three years. I'll coach myself. No more than one marathon per year. I've order the Jack Daniels book on running principles. Can't wait to read that!

I still have a HUGE desire for PR's and great racing times and I believe that great things are yet to come. If I take care of mind, body and soul, I can acheive whatever I want. And, this is a time to do just that.


Alina said...

Hi Mel! Your party was so fun! Thank you so much for hosting...
I think you're smart. You've got to enjoy yourself and give yourself the breaks you need so that you can continue to love running-and maybe triahtlon too!
You did awesome at Ashland.
Can't believe it about the coach! I think you will do a great job coaching yourself, though. Another book you should look at: Brain Training for Runners by Matt Fitzgerald. He really believes in the Jack Daniels stuff--but he's incorporated new thoughts and research about brain science and running too. Good stuff!
Can't wait to start training together again in the fall!

Alina said...

oops! that me,MARY! I'm using Alina's computer and didn't log out of her blog! :)

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