Race Report Ashand Lions International Tri

Yeeeeouza! That was quite a rush.. I really enjoyed myself. By not allowing myself to have have high expectations for a certain time allowed me to enjoy the event without to much stress. There was still some concern over just being able to have a good race. After all this was not just a 10k.. It was a 3 hour race so there is reason to be somewhat concerned..

Buddy Melissa B. and I showed up at 7ish...did a little four wheeling on the grounds. That was cool! OK, maybe not real four wheeling but you had to drive your car through this muddy path through the grass.. I had to hose down my car when I got home. I didn't mind.

Went to get "numbered" .. while doing so the young man asked, "your age" while looking me straight in the eye.. humph... I had to think for a second.. 43, thank you.

Set up my bike and stuff in the T area.. It started rain.. Covered up my stuff with my colorful flag.. you know the one that is the color of the rainbow? It sure did stand out. That was the point.

Went to the port-o-johns, saw Petra, had diarrhea.. ... sorry.. but I did .. thank god for port-o-johns.. Put on the wet suit, walked with Melissa for 1/2 mile to the beach. It started to pour harder and harder.. She was smart, had an umbrella.

I jumped in the water to warm up. The water was 70, not kidding.. it felt good. Could see the booyes.. unlike the last Tri I read about.. :)

We were off.. I was relaxed.. I swam and I swam and I swam.. pretty straight most of the time.. I stuck close to the booeys. Not too many kicks to the head. I stayed way over to the left and to the front. Good plan. Got out. I hit my watch. 37 minutes.. Nice! That's what I had secretly hoped for but wasn't expecting it!

1/2 mile trek up the hill in bare feet to the T area. I jogged slowly while some were walking. Weird. Fell over my bike but not the to ground. Heard a lot of "UGH are you ok??" , I'M OK! .. 'wetsuit off, powder feet, man says that will turn to cement, "I'll live with it", wipe feet, shove on socks, shoes, helmet, glasses, where's the exit? Oh.. yuck.. lots of mud.. get on bike, uh ohhhh.. number belt is hanging dangerously over bike near wheels.. grab that.. I'm off.. this is fun!

I'm passing people, I'm passing men.. yeehaa... 15 seconds to pass.. I can do it... I'm catching up to groups of riders.. It's a monsoon out here. What the Fuck! Mile 20, one more woman to pass, Uh! It's Maureen, my arch rival.. and friend.. Hi there!! That did it.. she shoots off like a sling shot..

End of bike. 1 hour 30 minutes as I had secretly hoped for. I am out of there quick.. One minute I think.. Maureen is nowhere in sight. I feel like shit now. But, I keep on going like a locomotive.. one foot in front of the other. Move the arms. The cement is not in my shoes it's in my stomach. It will go away but not till mile 3.. Ahhh, finally I can loosen up but wait. I hear Maureen behind me.. That beeeayach.. She catches me like a fly on a net and then shoots past me. Damn.. Oh well. She's an amazing athlete and I am impressed.

Thank GOD it's over. There are my buds cheering me on.. I'm so freaking happy I did that. I really loved that. To top it all of I was 5th in my age group.



Ange said...

Awesome!!! Congratulations! That is so great that you did it and had fun. And think, 5th in your age group to boot!!! Nice job!!!!!

IronMatron said...

5th in your AG is pretty spectacular and even more amazing given it was your first tri ever! YOu should be so proud! And you did it in the pouring, pouring rain. Amazing. I'm so psyched for you! I'm so psyched to keep training together!

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