Anyone who has ever trained for a half or a full triathlon can attest to the fact that this tri-training thing can somewhat take over your life.  You are working and training most of the time. Or, if you have children and do not work then you are caring for the kiddos and training. That's pretty much it for a little while and hopefully you can hold it all together.  Maybe you can squeeze in some hobby time or a couple of dinners out or writing a blog post but the majority of the time you are planning your entire days around your next workout.  Maybe not everyone has a tight schedule with which they must balance but this age grouper sure does.

One day you wake up and suddenly these thoughts keep running through your mind over and over:  

How can I save more time?  Is it at all possible to get away with not showering after a workout?  I mean I could bring a washcloth to work and perform a mini scrub down.   I can get away with just blush and mascara today.  I can't wait for the weekend so I can have time to blowdry my hair for once.  I think I should start to run in my swim suit.. That'll save me 5-10 invaluable minutes when I have to run then swim..  I can't wait to have time to make my smoothie after a workout.  Drat! I have to set the alarm for 4:30 every day this week. Drat! 

I think that my training,  combined with me being a business owner working full-time, my life becomes temporarily narrow.  Like a tunnel.  It can be lonely during this time as I find myself having to decline events and going to bed earlier and earlier as sleep needs increase.   The other day I had a scheduled DAY OFF from training and it felt like a holiday.  OMG I can stay up till 9 PM???? This is AMAZING!!  Let's PARTY!

These days when I look around my immediate area I wonder where all the triathletes are!  I mean why do I have to do this by myself?  Luckily, Mary is still tri-ing and we train together on occasion but even that has diminished as workouts increase. Workouts are tailored, schedules are tight, and once again I find myself training on my own for the most part.

On the bright side of things I was able to set some lofty goals this year after taking most of last year off from triathlon.  I LIKE triathlon training. (most of the time)  It feels really good to finish a kiss-ass workout knowing I am getting stronger and fitter.  I feel healthier and happier when I can train. This time around  I have a new coach Ange.  Ange is amazing in her guidance.  I'm so grateful to have her in my corner.  Training is going very well and I'm managing the challenges that life throws at me on a regular basis.

I'm currently training for the Memorial Herman Half Iron the weekend of April 9th in Galveston TX. This will be an adventure.  I'm totally psyched and can't wait to see how I do.

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