Kick off to IM training

IM training starts with rest and a new strength program.  I personally do not use a gym with all that equipment and prefer to do my weights at home.  I have dumbbells, a bench, stretch cords, buso ball, and a yoga mat.  My  new strength routine consists of 8 exercises. Here they are and how I will do them at home:

1. Lat Pull downs.  Replacement for lat pulls downs is pull ups.  Here is how I will do pull ups with just dumbbells. 

2.  Leg Extensions:

3. Flat Dumbell bench press

4. Leg Curl on stability ball:

5. Dumbell pullover on stability ball:

6. Bicep curl:

7. Tricep Pushdown on stability ball:

8. Prone Raise:

9. Ab- curl up, reverse  & oblique curl, crunch, roman chair.

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