Monday - 7:24 PM - September 28th 2015

Life has been a tun of fun this past year.  After taking a lot of time off from triathlon, and I mean like over a year,  I'm feeling like a need a new goal.  I want to get back in the pool and back on the bike. I've been loving sleeping in, staying up late, and not being on a schedule. I have spent lots of time with all the special people in my life and am so grateful for that.  BUT!  As we all know, if you want to reach your goals you have to do the work. 

Because of my indulgences I'll be starting on the bottom rung in regard to swimming and biking.  Not for the running though!  I am running the Mohawk Hudson Marathon in two weeks! For this marathon I purchased the Jack Daniels VDot Program and am trying that on for the first time. I have held onto Jack's book for several years but found it difficult to devise a plan using the book even with all of the information provided to me. So, I just bought the plan at runsmart.com.  

I have really enjoyed this program since it allowed me to have 2 days off every week and a max mileage of only 47 miles.  It fit right in with my lackadaisical attitude towards life in general. My long runs were 1 twenty miler along with 1 eighteen miler.  There were no multiple 20 mile long runs to slog through.  Although mileage and long run were low in retrospect. the multiple speed sessions, quality session runs, and goal pace running was plentiful. The results will soon be revealed! 

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