My Balancing Act

In my 30s I used to run then go for a smoke.  I would tell myself - You CAN be a runner and STILL hang with the cool people. Being a healthy runner seemed boring to me.   Haha..  These were the days when I was not very competitive.  Running was a social joy and a tool to lose weight. I have always loved running but I have not always been so focused on racing and improving.

For the past five or six years I have been very focused.  Focused on improving on all aspects of triathloning. I have reached many goals, kicked smoking to the curb, reached a very satisfying level of fitness and have experienced many highs and lows. I love it.

At the end of this years racing season I was feeling burnt out and unmotivated.   The world Championship 70.3 in Canda was an uber flop in my mind.  I went up to race Canada with two fabulous halfirons under my belt being 5:23 at Timberman and 5:14 at Patriot. Can you say PR!   I was expecting to go approximately 5:23 since I was able to go 5:23 at Timberman.  That did not happen. Not even close.  I went 5:55 in Canada.  I grieved.  I had poured my heart and soul into training all summer long. Out on those hot, hilly roads of Ptown with no shade all by myself for the most part.   Whatever went wrong in CAN was not the result of under training.  I'm not exactly sure what happened. It just wasn't my day.

To recover mentally I decided to scale things back for this coming year 2015 in order to bring more balance into my life. I don't want to suffer all summer long.  I want to have some freedom from long training hours to socialize, feel less tired, work more at my business, connect more deeply with the wonderful people in my life.  And to also do my (shortish) workouts feeling fresh and happy rather than thinking  - I'm not really into this right now.

It's been a difficult decision to scale back because I am constantly tempted to sign up for another half iron or even a full.  You see, I'm already feeling rested and recovered.  It's difficult for me to back off for a lengthy balanced year of rest.

But alas - even with these temptations I am sticking to my plan to back off. This will be a year of balance.  Feeling rested - I have already noticed slight, subtle, changes to my routine. For instance when training for halfirons or IM one does not wear jeans on a Saturday or a Sunday! No way.  One finishes prescribed workout, showers, eats, then dresses in yoga pants, recovery socks, and a hoodie. It's all about recovery. This dress code ensures comfort for the rest of the day and reminds one that they completed a lengthy workout and should feel good about that. No need to impress with fancy clothes.  Nowadays I actually wear jeans after a weekend workout. I'm thinking differently. It's suble but it's there.

Today was one of my most balanced days thus far. So balanced that for a few seconds it felt boring! I hate to admit that but it's true.  I am the kind of person who likes things a little on the edge.  I get bored easily.  That may explain why I thought I could smoke and run at the same time.  Living on the edge. It's what keeps things fun.  That feeling that you are getting away with something.  Living a balanced life means no extreme workouts, no extreme celebrations, just being. Just being and letting the world revolve around you. Waiting for something to happen.  Some day I'm sure I will jump up and say ENOUGH OF THIS! Time so sign up for another IRONMAN! But not for a while. 


Dad said...

Enjoying ptown will be a good substitute!

Dad said...

Enjoying ptown in your new place will be a great substitute

Bienzi said...

Nice blog!! Definitely pouring yourself into your new digs will be very time consuming. When I was forced to not run, other things came about, mainly climbing and hiking. I think you deserve some rest, although you last tri may not have been a PR it's still an AMAZING feat!! :D

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