What else is there in life?

There is so much more in life that I want to do I sometimes ask myself - should I NOT continue to devote so much time, energy, and thoughts to my sport of choice?  Occasionally I seriously wonder if I'm missing out on more casual play time like making more clothes, going to a book club, cooking cool new recipes.  I have always wanted to join or start a book club but have never made time to do that.  I have a fear that 10 years from now I'm going to WISH I had spent more time doing other fun hobbyish things such as the aforementioned.   I'm referring to the time you set aside for hobbies. Not family or work time. I mean free time that you have and how you choose to spend that time.

Perhaps in 10 years I'll actually have more time to do these things. Right now there isn't to many choices. It's either I train or I give up training to do the other things in life.  I choose of course to train but that doesn't do much for my fear that I'm not as well rounded as I should be. 

Are we, as triathletes, boring to the average person? I mean, I don't really branch out into much other than run, bike, swim.  Isn't that kind of boring?  

I ask that question of myself and always come back with, "Yes, perhaps you are boring. However those who think your life is boring have most definitely never experienced the feelings that I have experienced.  Like how you feel when everything fits on the bike.  You are riding low, fast, and smooth and everything you have worked for seems to come together.  How about the feeling you get when you finish Ironman? Or when you look at your training log and realize your training has been really consistent for several months and you just finished off a really successful week of training." 

These moments are rewarding people!  Yes, these moments are worth working for.  

Have I drunken too much kool aid?  Naaaa..  

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