Wrentham Duathlon RR - Short race, short report

The legs:

  • 3 mile run
  • 10.85 mile ride
  • 2 mile run

Started out coldish with arm warmers. No gloves although I wished I had them during entire race.

First 3 miles were glorious. A 5k but not all out.  Felt good.  Hate running on bumpy grass at the end. 20:26 (6:49 avg.).

Out on the bike pushing pushing pushing.  I THOUGHT it might be flat but it wasn't.  At least 3 steep climbs. Short but steep.  Only 11 miles.  34:48 -  19 MPH or just under.

Second run leg I started out easy. Was not sure how I would feel but soon was able to pick it up. Found I still had speed. Yah!  Small race, not a lot of people out there. This leg was faster on average.  13:26 (6:43 avg.)

Over - thank goodness.  2nd Overall woman. Yay!  1:10:19.

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kT said...

Nice job! And that's a pretty fast time for "not all out" :)

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