Ironman Training Highlights

Training - Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to get in a week of training out in Sonoma Valley CA while Kathy and I were visting some great friends.  My coach decided that would be an excellent time to up my biking mileage.  I was more than happy to accept. I couldn't wait to get that first century completed. It was a great ride with pal Donna up and over wine country. I took this picture of a bird of paradise while having lunch at some snazzy restaurant.

Running Front:  On Sunday I ran a 6.7 fartlek with Zac and Charlotte.  It was a great run since the sun was actually out.  Charlotte filled us in on the details of her upcoming opening of "Charles River Running" specialty retail store coming June 1st in Norwood, MA.  We runners and triathletes are very excited to have our very own specialty store right in lil ole Norwood, MA.

Team Front: On Saturday I road with Team Infintri  and pal Mel Bair who is also traning for Lake Placid. What a great group of people.  They have been riding together for quite a while and are more experienced than I.  We road 44 miles at 17.3 miles per hour on average.  It was a bit speedier than I had planned but great fun.

Riding Front: On Thursday I road 2 hours in the rain with Kelly. It would have been all good and fun cept Kelly took a spill on a wet corner. Ooh.. That was a bummer. She was OK though. Just road rash thank goodness. She did hit her head on the pavement and turned white as a ghost for a minute. She brushed herself off and got back on her bike and off we went. Mary says that she is lucky because she now has that "One Fall Per Year" under her belt.

On the swimming front  -  Towards the end of my workout on Wednesday I was to do 12x25 yards fast and furious. I soon realized after 6 or so of them that I was hitting them at exactly 22 seconds each time. Consistent, yes.  For the next 5 I tried like HELL to get under 22 seconds to NO AVAIL.  I was dumbfounded -  until - of course - it occurred to me.  HURT YOURSELF!  On the last 25 yards I dug in so deep with my arms and kick that it really hurt. Yes! I hit 21 seconds!  I  know it's only 1 second but after completing 11 of those suckers I was convinced I would never go under 22 seconds. Yay for me!

Racing front!  This weekend is the Hopkinton Season Opener sprint. I'm very excited to get out and race.  It's going to be a coldish swim I know but I want CAN'T WAIT.  I'm stronger and healthier than I have been in years.  So, it will be fun to see what happens. Hopefully something outrageous!   It's 400 yard swim, 10 mile bike, and 3.1 mile run.

Hope everyone's training is going well!


Kim said...

You are whooping some serious training ass melissa! Im doing the duathlon sunday... get ready for some hills!!! See you there lady.

Anonymous said...

I thought you gave up blogging a while back?! I will have to keep an eye out for postings.


GoBigGreen said...

Love this! I am so glad you are happy and enjoying the work and training. Really if you dont, why bother?
KEep it up!

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