Last weekend I road with team Infintri from Caryl Park in Dover. We road for 3.5 hours then I did a short T run of 20 minutes.  It went ok.  We did make a half hour stop for a lost dog at one point. I know we all should have stopped but only two of the 7 riders actually stopped for the doggies.  Myself and the remainder of the group only stopped because the other two riders stopped for the dog and this group has a "no drop" policy on some rides.  Particularly when there are new riders in the group. Which there were that day. 

I finished somewhere around 3:PM.  After that I had a few errands to run and various other tasks such as preparing to bring Lasagna to my sisters the following day. That was Saturday. 

Easter Sunday came and went as fast as you can say "ironman training is tricky".   Somehow I managed to make omelettes,  give my bike a nice cleaning, gave my dog a nice cleaning, and do all the laundry before heading off to the Easter celebration with family. 

Monday rolled around and I got in 3/4 of a work day and an evening swim.  All this time I'm wondering when in the hell am I going to get to go shopping for the many things that are piling up on my list.

Tuesday - I had a nice 1:45 AM ride then short T run. All fine and good but then it's off to work again. No time to go shopping.

Wednesday  - I'm dragging like a fish on a line. I dug deep and got in my run and swim later in the day. Then off to worky poo.  Again.

I wish I didn't have to work so much.  My work pile is pretty high and I still haven't had time to go to CVS or Landry's Bike Shop for some very needed important items.  I'm feeling rushed  - as if there are not enough hours in the day to do what I need to do.   Waaaaaaa!  I need to go shopping damn it! That's all.


Linda said...

I hear ya! If it makes you feel any better... I've been needing to get a haircut for about 3 weeks... and I've had clean laundry sitting in the dryer for about 5 days...

Hang in there! :)

runningyankee said...

Hey I've heard great things about drugstore.com. Free shipping too! Not sure if thatbmight help with one of your errands.... Hang in there!

GoBigGreen said...

Just catching up with you! Wow, i know it gets busy and it seems to never stop. I tend to feel like every day i do laundry, Rich goes thru more clothes than i do:)
Hope things are good, we got really cold here again. Poo on that:(((

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