I'm Boring

Last weekend I got my first gel manicure. I think that gel manicures should be the triathlete's manicure of choice. The gel is literally baked onto your nails. It lasts for at least two weeks and you LOOK GOOD LONGER with less maintenance!

Kathy and I, along with a couple of friends, volunteered at Lake Placid  to secure a guaranteed option to sign up for LP. Let me repeat option. Lately, I waffled back and forth over the decision to sign up for Ironman Lake Placid. Heading up to volunteer I was still on the fence.

Up until the morning of sign-up I was not 100% convinced I even wanted to do Ironman.  Even after viewing the 3 mile decent, the heat the day before (which could easily happen race day),  the life threatening start to the swim, the walking dead at our aid station,  I was still just not there.

Our shift ended at 10PM.  Exhausted, we waddled over to the finish line.  There was extreme excitement in the crowds as they watched their athletes finish the race. It really was spectacular. I'm so glad we didn't miss that. Was I inspired there? Yes but still not 100%. Something was holding me back. Fear? Not sure.

The next morning I told my mates that "I don't think I'm going to sign up today".  There was some silence then I was reminded by them that I could still back out and throw away my $659 but I only had 1 hour to get down there and sign up so get going! They had a point.  I got out of bed, picked up a Starbucks and stood in line with Mel B to sign up.

All weekend long I was hoping to become overwhelmed with desire, motivation, inspiration making the decision easy. I was even told by many that this would probably happen and I should decide BEFORE going up there because you don't want to make a decision based on the wonderful inspirational people that I would encounter at the race. This did not happen to me.

So there was I standing in line. Talking it up like this was no big deal. Pretending I was 100% committed and on my way to Ironman oblivion.  Finally after about an hour it was my turn to hand over my debit card and I.D.  So I did.

Then it hit me.

As I handed my green debit card and MA drivers license to the smiling lady I got all choked up.  All of the sudden I felt extremely excited. It hit me that I WAS on my way and I WAS making the commitment.

My decision had been made at that very moment. That was the turning point, the epiphany. My decision  might have come in a rather bumpy way but nonetheless it was done.  I WAS PSYCHED.  It hit me that I finally had made the right decision.  No more waffling.  I'm so happy I decided in the positive. Phew.  Now all I have to do is work. I can do that.

It's hard to explain the transformation that I felt at that moment.  It was as if I had crossed a bridge and was relieved to finally be standing on the other side. I had committed to become an ironwoman.

Since that day every part of my training is now geared for next July. I am very inspired. I think about the ironman race all the time. I'm so glad I got to go up there and experience many facets and people in the race. Just knowing where everything is will make my next trip that much easier among many other things.

I know I have an absolute TON of work to do but as my friends have said, "You are ready!"  Thanks Friends!


Ange said...

yay. :) You ARE ready and you will LOVE It! congrats on making the big decision.

cheryl said...

That's so exciting!

runningyankee said...

Love it! Keep that feeling and the image of the finish line with you

Kelly said...

Melissa you are absolutely ready for this amazing journey. I am so excited for you!!!

GoBigGreen said...

Yay! Its really sureal, I was in that boat last fall too. Like going nuts on teh computer trying to get into Wisc and all the sudden its here! You are going tobe fine, it will happen before you know it and you ARE READY :)

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