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While talking to other triathlete women in the transition area at my last triathlon it had become pretty clear to me that I'm not the only one who is concerned about looking good.

There were three other triathletes next to me while I prepared my "T" area and we were chatting lightly about the day and what we were wearing. One of the women mentioned, rather glumly, that she was wearing the same race outfit that she had worn in her last triathlon. I immediately responded to her comment because I, that day, was also wearing my same race outfit from REV3 and could feel her pain.

My race outfits are really important to me. Maybe more important than to others. Maybe it's because I studied fashion merchandise for four years and have a keen eye for what's in and what's out. At least I used to be trained in that capacity.

When I buy a racing outfit it must be unlike all of my training outfits. Good quality, very pretty, and fits like a charm. The first time I wear a new outfit is the best. I feel fresh and cool. Ready for the day. Confident. Clothes can have a huge effect on your attitude. The second time I wear that outfit, it's still cool but not as exciting. I feel a little dull as if I'm wearing something that has gone through the washer and has lost some of it's color. The third time I adorn these outfits is usually the last time these outfits will see a race. By then the outfit has become, well, comfortable. Not exciting. Duller than last time and well, just boring. Nothing special.

I try to get at least 3 races out of each RACE outfit. The outfit you see here has appeared at three triathlons this season and thus matured and demoted to training outfit.

Our question of the day had become how many time is it acceptable to race in the same outfit for the fashion conscious triathlete?

Of course there are no real answer to this question. Everyone will have a different opinion. Some people on a team do not even have the luxury of picking out their clothing. How do they deal?

Do you wear that special outfit in only 1 race, 2 races, 1 Season?

For Timberman I have a nice new outfit that is totally different than anything I have ever worn. I went with a little less textile and a little more skin in the hopes of motivating myself to really tone up the core. Watch out!!

How many races do you allow your special race outfits to appear at before they become your newest training ensemble?


GoBigGreen said...

I LOVE that top! I have to say that if i plunk down a few 100$ on some outfits i am wearing them! Plus if you have worn them to race you sorta know what works and what is hot what is better for cooler days etc.
so my answer, ding ding ding, is that i would wear an outfit or 2 for an entire season, no doubt!
Cant wait to see the Timberman unveiling!

runputt said...

Only 3 races per outfit? When I find something that is worthy of race day it is elevated to a special pantheon of my wardrobe and is only pulled out for a race. That way I can always rely on a proven winner and there are no surprises waiting.

Jennifer Harrison said...

HA! Great post. Each year I get two Kiwami suits....one for long course and one for short course (no padding)...and I wear it all year long. For all races (except run races) and I love it....then I retire it and train it in (well, when I don't want to be a dork) and then I get 2 new suits, so I wear them all season long!

Running and living said...

For me, the outfit needs to be flattering. I am picky about shorts, and when I find something that I like, I get more than one pair. I don't mind wearing an outfit for more than one race, if it is flattering. Too often I wear all black, and I want to change that.
You look very elegant in those pics:)

drdave said...

And do your shoes have to match your outfit? LOL

maria conley said...

I have to look good while running and now biking too. When I'm in City Sports I'm so happy to be there. Is like my candy store!!! If I'm racing a big event, I go shopping just for that race. Everything must match, even my socks :) I'm having fun now with biking. Now I'm buying bike jerseys!!!

Kim said...

well dont you look cute in your tri outfit! as part of a team, i now wear the same tri outfit every single race - well besides road races.

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