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I sat here tonight realizing that I just don't have the time in the week to blog as much as I want to. I thought about stopping altogether but that was not happening.

As I sat here mulling it over this evening a few things became pretty clear to me.

Whilst dwelling on my blogging dilemma I found myself sifting through my blog list that I have missed reading. In doing so I also found myself going immediately to the blogs of people that I have met in person and feel a stronger connection to. Then it hit me.

Why not just cut down on the number of blogs that you are reading. That way you won't feel so compelled to ready 20-30 postings in one evening. You won't be stressed about not keeping up and not having time.

So friends, I am cutting down the number of blogs that I follow to only the people I have met in person because I feel a stronger connection to these people. I wish I could follow even those out there I haven't met in person but I just can't. Not with my schedule. I would have to give up TV (no way) or reading (nope) OR time with the dog (not on your life).

Kathy reaffirmed my strategy with the following conversation:

Kathy: "I thought you weren't going to blog?"
Me : "I want to blog"
Kathy: "Do the other bloggers have jobs?"
Me: "YES!!!" yelling
Kathy: "Well they must blog at work!!"
Me: sulk
Me: "Maybe I should just follow the people I know personally?".
"WHAT??????????? (with look of disgust) You mean to tell me you are out there blogging to people you don't even know? You are spending all this time with Joe Blow and not with me? What is wrong with you? PAUSE...

Kathy continues: "That's dumb. You got something wrong with you. You have an affirmation problem, Oh someone said I did a good job today.. That's what your waitin for.. that's Effed in the head."

So you see bloggers. Not everyone is on to this blogging world. Kathy is case and point. They don't really get it. But that's besides the point. The fact of the matter is that I really only have time to blog with the people I feel closest to. So, after today. I am whittling my blogs down to just a few important people that I know personally.

I hope this doesn't sound cold although I'm afraid it does. It's just what one must do to simplify life. That's all. If I had more time I would read all the blogs I was following but I just don't have the time.

Happy training!!


cheryl said...

oh I am cracking up. Kathy says things I imagine my husband is thinking. He's so practical. Case in point. I recently asked him if he'd help me convert my old mtb to a single speed, he just looked at me and said why can't you just leave it in one gear all the time! doh! so practical. I know he thinks I'm just a dork for being on the computer as much as I am. I'm glad I know you so we get to stay in blog-touch! :-)

now I have to get back to my regularly scheduled TV - Monday night is my favorite night, House and 24! have a good one!

Running and living said...

This is exactly what Chris tells me all the time.
I don't read all the blogs I follow. I give priority to those blogs that I absolutely love, even if I have not met the author.

GoBigGreen said...

Ha my husband is the same way " Is that a real friend or a virtual friend?" And ya know Melissa, we all want someone to tell us we did a good job today. So today I KNOW you did a good job!!

Es --- IRONMAN! said...

Whatever! :-)
I think if I did that I'd cut the people I know since I talk/train/race with them so I know their stories. But lucky me, I have an hour commute in stop/go traffic to read to my hearts content. Writing - that's a different story!

Mary IronMatron said...

I cut down to the ones I know, or the ones I love... but then I start to worry that I am missing something big out there... a really interesting blog/blogger that I just haven't found yet!
Blogging has made my life more rich... and yes, I don't think you get it unless you do it. Also, it's not for everyone, I guess. :) Your plan sounds like a smart one.

Amanda said...

Totally understand! and yes, some of us do blog at work :)

Jennifer Harrison said...

This is a brillant idea! Ha. Unfortunately for my job I read blogs. Fortunately. It all depends. Sometimes i read blogs of my non- atheltes and I am like, "OH COME ON!" I am a freak and find myself talking to my computer...it is really ridiculous, really. I enjoy what others have to say...but the coach in me is always thinking, "really?" horrible habit, but that is how my brain works.

See, I am rambling and you just wasted 2 min on me. lol....xo

runningyankee said...

less chance to get blog envy! ha. but it is FUNNY when you try to explain how you know someone who isnt a blogger and they look at you like you are a stalker.. and well i suppose we are in some ways :) hope all is well!

AM-GoalsfortheWeek! said...

funny to 'meet' you and have this as your current post! ;-)

and I'm totally baggin' what you're rakin. For me, I find you definitely connect w/some blogs more than others: the tri/running niche, their sense of humor, style of writing, yada yada.

And I find so much support and information in the bloggy world.

Ange said...

I understand both sides. I love to read people I know and some others and now I have been meeting people at races and clinics etc. And that is cool...I am also inspired by others in different ways. Sometimes however, none of it matters and I take a break.
I hope you keep writing b/c I like hearing how you're doing out there and I rarely get to see you!! But, See ya in 3 weeks at Rev3!!!

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