1st Hundo Down

What's a hundo you ask?(or maybe you don't ask). Just in case you are asking, it's slang for a one hundred mile ride. AKA a century ride.

I was able to get in my first 100 miler this past Saturday with Heidi and Kelly from www.iamtri.com. Yes, I met them on a website. It's what desperadoes like me do when they need biking partners. They were more than happy to break me in.

Although I am not doing an IM this year I had this itch to see how 100 miles felt.

I drove all the way to Salem MA at 5:AM. That drive takes 50 minutes for me. From Kelly's house in Salem we biked to Portsmouth NH! We went through my old teenage stomping ground Hampton Beach NH. That was very cool to see. I haven't been up there in a very long time.

We had a bagel with P&B while sitting on the sidewalk basking in the sun and refueled. The ride went very smoothly.

I took my road bike rather than my TT Bike. I forgot how much I really like my road bike. It was so much more comfortable than my TT bike. So much so that I wonder if I have the right saddle on my TT bike.

It was a flat course and we averaged pretty slow. I really did not care to much about speed though. It was all about covering the distance.

The weather was in the 70s!! It was a GRRRREAT day to spend on the bike with some very fun people. Yeah!


Running and living said...

COngrats! Just awesome! The woman who won the 30-34 AG at Oceanside half ironman did 2 back to back centuries in preparation for the race. I think biking is different than running, in that time on the bike counts more than interval training, speed training, etc.

cheryl said...

nice! I agree, nothing better than a bike ride just for fun with nice people in awesome weather.

Mary IronMatron said...

Congrats, MY DEAR! Yeah! I went on my solo century on Monday, as planned. Long time to ride alone, but it always feels good to get one under your belt!!

Meg said...

Sounds like you worked hard and had fun! Very cool.
When is your next rtri or are you racing?

runputt said...

Wow. That just sounds, well, long.

Es --- IRONMAN! said...

Way to go - 100 miles so early in the season! YOWZA! I just got back on Penny yesterday and holy sit bones those 15 miles hurt...and I love my saddle!

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