Patriot HalfIron 2016

Yes, this is the 2016 post that I just published today, 6/18./17. I found it and decided to post it because I am about to post for the same race 2017.

It is such a luxury to be able to train, race, and participate in triathlon.  It's a hugely demanding sport so you really need to have your sh--  together in order to pull it off with success.  I feel very blessed and thankful that I get to line up with a group of athletes.  The coolest part is to see women my age, 50 years plus all geeked up to crush a 5 plus hour race.  Go ladies! You inspire me.  These women are fast!

Moto for this race - "squeeze" - read:  "squeeze every ounce of speed out of your swim, ride, and run."   Repeat..  The main goal is to stay focused it really really helps to have something to keep my head in the race at all times. 

My swim was a two minutes faster than my in April.. 
Swim 41:24   - Texas was 43:34 

Swimming 2 times per week for the most part is what you get.  Not your best but not your worst.  The swim it'self was set off 2 people at a time which made for a GREAT swim.  No thrashing other swimmers to get off of you.. No head up to fix goggles after having them knocked off your face.. It was smooth.. All swims should go this way.. I think Ironman swims have starrted to use this staggered start time. 

Exiting the swim was quite the jaunt. You'll notice that T times were not super fast. Many of the 3 minutes or so.  

My bike was almost 3 minutes faster than Texas. 
Bike 2:54:43  - Texas was 2:57:10

I'm totally smitten with myself at how steady my bike split was.  The two loop course was gentle rolling hills.  First loop 1:27:00, 2nd loop 1:27:43.  This is what happens when you only look at your watts rather than speed.

I learned that I must ride outside during the week or else my bike split will be less than my best. 
I learned that I did all that I could with what I had in training.  With limited time you can still train for a halfiron and do pretty well. 

My run was 1 minute slower than Texas. 
Run 1:50:26  - Texas was 1:48:18.

Total time 5:32:54 (Texas was 5:34:??)..  two measly minutes faster. 

I'm not gonna lie.. I was not toooo happy about my time.  That said, I have to understand and accept that I just didn't do all of the training that it takes to go a lot faster.  I had to limit my training to 10 or so hours per week in order to have a semblance of balance in my life.  That's how it goes people. :) 

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