It all comes down to this...

Training is going well. I have found ways to get in doubles even before getting to work in Boston by 9:am.  Not bad eh?  I can go to work without blow drying my hair. Finally! I had to wait for it to grow to a certain length before that could happen.  This new style saves me a good 10 minutes.

In the grand scheme of things I have my triathlons planned out for this year and will have no problem getting to the start line in decent or even fabulous shape. It's all good.

Over the past two years I have been forced to train on less hours.  Combined with more responsibilities at the insurance agency I have slowly progressed from an average 6-8 hours last year to on average 7-10 hours this year. (I got in one 11 hour week on vacation!).   I consider this a significant improvement in my volume.  Not exactly the prescribed hours I would like to be able to hold but they will do.  Especially since I was able to do fairly well in the two half irons last year.  Sure, more hours would probably produce better race results but there is a balance one must strike to succeed in all aspects of life.

Now that I have somewhat come to piece with my hourly load I am finding that, even though I CAN manage - sometimes I don't "want" to manage.  I WANT to do something else from time to time like take a day off.   So what has evolved is that I have given myself permission to take one unplanned day off every week without feeling like I'm losing the battle.  What has also evolved is that I am squeezing in more doubles than I have before.  This enables me to keep my hours up and to take a day off.  It works for me right now.  It keeps the "want" from disappearing. Let's face it. If you don't want to do something, why do it?

I think that because I work full time and train for half irons I begin to loose time to just be quiet and drink coffee without rushing out the door all the time. I need that quiet time each week.  It's what keeps this fun. That and lots of sleep.

Off to my afternoon swim! Happy training!

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