Is it really the climb?

So here we are. Less than three weeks until the big day. It's been an awesome journey up to this point. I thought for sure the training would kill me worse than any marathon I have ever trained for. How could Ironman training actually feel better than marathon training? With all the extra hours needed and the non-stop planning out of every day. When you think about it - it's really amazing how you can shift, gradually of course, into this super human planning machine.

So - here we are.  All the real training is done. The long rides are done. The long runs
are done. The long long  long swims are done. Some might think I'm crazy for thinking the swims of 1.5 hours felt longer than the rides of 7 hours but they did. These pics were taken at LP training camp 2 weeks ago just as we arrived.

I am very happy with how all of my training has gone. I remember having a perfect marathon training season in which I only missed maybe 2 workouts. Some training seasons go better than others where you don't get sick, don't get injured, don't have any other obstacles to overcome. This is how my Ironman training has gone. I only missed maybe 2 workouts. The ones that I did miss were not key workouts.  I was lucky this season in that regard. That makes me very happy. 

So - I am thinking about this race and how I will feel once it's over. I am really not sure what I will do after IM. How will anything compare to this excitement? Being a first time Iroman (to be) has it's advantages. Everything is uncharted territory. You are constantly crossing over to new personal bests. You look up to others who have gone before you and think they are awesome because they have not only done 1 but 4 or 5 or more. As a first timer everything is fresh in your eyes. Does that all go down the tubes after the big day? Must I find another thrilling adventure to spark my interest?

I guess I'll have to find another -  get ready for this cheesy remark - another mountain to move. 

Happy training! 


Kelly said...

This is a great post and your training has been incredible all year. I have a funny little feeling that your climb in IM is just beginning, and LP will end up being the first step of a journey. So excited to see you out there on the course!
When I read the title of your blog I actually thought you were referring to the climb back to town in Lake a placid at camp when we kept trying to figure out if each hill was the last bear!

GoBigGreen said...

Hey that is great that you enjoyed the journey. I think the best thing i was told and its true, is to have a FRICKIN blast on race day. You are ready, you said it yourself that you did all the work! So enjoy the party at IMLP. Stuff may not go as planned, just be ready to problem solve, and move on. You will do great!

KMichaud said...

Yay! I'm so excited to see you and all the fellower camper athletes cross that Ironman finisher line! You are so going to rock that race and then probably want to do it again! See you in a couple of weeks! :-)

Meg said...

Your last paragraph made me laugh...it's always about the next personal best and the next fun challenge...I love it!
I can't wait to hear how the Ironman goes, the training and excitement will carry you through...until the next one! I'm sure KONA is in your future :) !

Michelle said...

I can't WAIT to hear all the details!!!!!!! I'm so excited for you - woot!

bparish said...

I'm really excited for you, Mel! Congratulations on everything you have done so far to make this happen! I think its pretty incredible watching what athletes can do in competition, I often forget how much they (you) put your bodies through to even GET to that competition!! Best of luck on the race itself and I hope we get to see and cheer you on a lot that day!

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