Important thoughts

On Aruba - I went weighing 123.5, I came back at 124.  I ate small breakfasts, small lunches and a few small dinners. The rest was lots of good dinners. I only drank 1 or 2 alcoholic drinks at dinner except for 2 nights where I didn't drink at all. I also shared a shot with Joan, a cosmo with Mel. It was fun!  I only worked out 5 days per week for 45 minutes.  Nothing major. Felt good.  I didn't eat too much junk during the day either but I did dabble.

Christmas is this  Saturday and Sunday.  I am  having the Harrington crew over for Chines food this Saturday night. The Caron clan is coming for dinner on Sunday.  I am over flowing with Christmas spirit but I do regret not putting up the Christmas tree. We thought we would need the space but that won't be the case next years.

My workouts are going well.  My strength workouts are amazing. They feel much easier and last for 50 minutes. I love what they are doing to my core. I'm noticing small changes and I'm loving that. 

I made peppermint bark this year and it was fabulous. I gave away most for gifts. Thank goodness because I surely would have eaten most of it.  I might make it again this week.

That's all.

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