The Day Before Smutty Nose

Today is Saturday. I just finished eating 2 huge pancakes with nuts and chocolate chips plus an egg sandwich. Carrie said to eat a huge breakfast, moderate lunch and to taper at dinner.  I especially like the idea of a rather smallish dinner.  In the past I have had huge problems digesting the typical carbo loaded dinner so I'm more than happy to try this new strategy.

I am definitely in a good place physically and mentally but my mind does ask: well if you haven't run goal pace a lot how are you going to do that tomorrow?

In response to that I tell my mind:  I have run faster than goal pace, at goal pace and a bit slower than goal pace for most of my training. I am very durable.  I am very strong and uninjured.  My mind is in the right place. I have done this several times before.  

I am so looking forward to rectifying myself tomorrow. I have not had a really good race in about 3 years. That is a long time. In hind sight I did this to myself. I took myself out of "being a pure runner" and doing very well to being a complete newbie at triathlon.  I SHOULD have taken me this long. This is how it's supposed to be.  I just have to remember that

But tomorrow will be a sweet gift for myself. I am allowing myself to taste what it's like to do well in a pure road race.  And, with patients, perseverance, more training, and a good coach I hope to have this taste again in triathlon. 

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