Today is Saturday and I just had my first group swim in a long time. I felt pretty good considering that I haven't been swimming more than 40 minutes once per week.  I love how my new simple strength routine (including full swimmers pull using stretch cordz) has helped my swimming.  So, even though I haven't been swimming much I have maintained and possibly improved my swimming.

Next week is Smutty Nose. God, I haven't run a marathon since 2007.  I tried in 2010 but got sick and DNF'd. :(.  So, I'm in tape mode now. It's nice. My training is so different this time around with Carrie.  Alot of the same pace with a few pace sets but not a lot of pacing at goal pace. I'm not 100% sure this training will cough up a good marathon for me but nevertheless I'm looking forward to it. I feel strong and fast.  Even if I don't hit the desired pace I know I'll still have a GOOD race.

Well, off to shop for some tall boot fashionable boots with a low heel.

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