Short and Sweet

The Patriot HI is getting closer. Only 4+ weeks left to hone in on my race pace. I will be wearing the Bay State Triathlon team kit. It's red, white, and blue. Not my best personal colors but definitely the colors I'm extremely proud to wear.

I'm looking forward to having this race done. Hopefully I will get this monkey off my back and will have  proven to myself what I've been trying to prove for the last 2.5 years. That I can have an excellent race throughout.  If not then I will have nothing else to prove because I will have given it my best shot.   

I loved swimming outside in this pool last week. 


Kim said...

girl, i am SO jealous you got to swim outside!!!!! i can't tell you how nervous i am for patriot - i havent been getting a ton of volume in, mostly working on speed, so im hoping i dont crash and burn!

Andrew Opala said...

... not enough about bodily functions!

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