Alls well in Dover MA

Just got back from a 5 day trip to Aruba. It was planned within the last two weeks so we got a STEAL on airfare and hotel.  Seems that the airlines and hotels like to sell any remaining slots at the last minute and will cut their rates drastically to do so. The trip was FANTASTIC.  I'm not trying to rub it in it's just that I needed a break very badly and this trip allowed me to rest, swim in the open water, run, bike, eat and sleep.  Not to mention a little gambling and a couple of drinks at night.

I'm trying to figure out which fall marathon to target.  It's difficult. I might end up running Baystate. I'm not particularly excited about Baystate but it IS local and it IS flat.  It would give me a chance to have a good marathon. I haven't run a marathon since 2007 so it's time to get back in the saddle.  I did TRY to run a marathon last February but unfortunately had to DNF. 

Only 11 weeks till the Patriot Half and I am healthy.  That's a huge factor when training for a half iron. 

I've been doing Spinerval Classes since December of up to 3 hours in length to strengthen my biking.  We learned a ton about wattage, power, and testing. Unfortunately since I don't have a powermeter I can't really use that new knowledge. I'll continue to use the good ole heart rate monitor for now and decide after this season if I want to splurge on the powermeter or powertap.

Now that spinerval class is over I need to put these legs to the test outside. I was going to get my butt outside a week or so ago but I weakened.

Speaking of legs. I'm really not liking how all this biking results in my pants being too tight. I wonder if this has happened to others?   I miss my runner legs and want them back.   Runner's legs are so much nicer looking and leaner. My vanity does pop out once in a while. Sorry.


kT said...

Not sure if this is really about biking legs (as opposed to winter eating legs), but my 8-yr-old daughter recently said to me: "Hey, Mom--you're wearing skinny jeans, too!" Then she paused and said, "Oh, I guess they're just skinny on your thighs." Anyway, after reading your post, I'm chalking it up to biking. :)

Michelle said...

You are the 5th person I know who has gone to Aruba in the last month!!!! Everyone has raved - I guess I will have to add it to my list!

Weird about the cycling legs on you - I have found that lots of cycling mileage makes my legs super lean. But they are normally pretty muscular so maybe we just have different builds and respond differently? I picture you super tiny! I am NOT super tiny. :)

I got out for the first time this past Sunday on the bike - WICKED windy, but it was great. Roads are still a bit crappy from the winter, but the towns seem to slowly be cleaning them up with the street sweepers. Have fun when you get out there! Oh - I'm planning on getting a PT and new wheels SOON. I will let you know how it goes!

Teamarcia said...

I love Aruba! How cool you got a last minute deal.
Yes I'm noticing bigger, stronger legs thanks to the bike. Me no likey (the big part) either.

Kim said...

yay aruba! so glad you got a great deal on it!

um patriot. right, that's coming up. i should probably get my ass in the pool?

runningyankee said...

first of all WHERE ARE THE ARUBA PICS?? and second of all those legs you've built up are going to be awesome. all that work is going to be worth it.

Meg said...

Aruba sounds like Heaven right now...
I was thinking the same thing about tri athlete's legs this last weekend at the Ironman in Oceanside, CA. I was spectating and I couldn't help but notice their BIG legs, but that being said, those GIRLS are strong and really powerful! I'd take that over skinny legs any day!

Mary IronMatron said...

So jealous you got to Aruba!!!!
My jeans are tight on my quads... it's true.
If you get a powermeter, make sure to talk with me first !!!! I can get you a better deal on the powermeter than the commercial price. Have fun with Kelly this weekend!

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