Life (a bit corny but that's OK)

What if you suddenly found that - Your house was now your mansion?
Your races were exactly what you had trained them to be?
Your health and your loved one's health was not a problem?
You could purchase whatever you wanted at anytime?
Your important relationships with your family and friends were in tact and strong?
Your business was thriving despite a weak economy?

What if you suddenly found yourself having the life that you work and pray for every day?

What would you do if you suddenly had many, many, options or opportunities to change your life or your career?

Would you feel guilty because you had more than others?

Would you volunteer your time or money to take some of that guilt away?
This is what I thought about today.

I prayed for all the people affected by the earthquake and tsunami and then I focused on my little life in Massachusetts.

I know what I would do. 

I would be grateful for every day, every kiss, every friend, every smile, every sunny day, every wonderful run, bike or swim, every race, every nice piece of clothing that makes me feel good about myself, every day I get to share with my dog, and every day that we get to live in Massachusetts without devestation.

That's what I would do.


Running and living said...

I like this!

Honestly, I would not want to have everything that I want. What would life be then? I am perfectly content where I am. Perhaps because of my work (part of it involves working with people with chronic and major illness) I have learned to appreciate every single day I have.

Meg said...

Thanks for this...and you are so right. "IF" we had all of those things going for us, we'd still owe it to the World and ourselves to be grateful.
This was so thoughtful!

GoBigGreen said...

Well said, and i would shut myself up about living in a winter wonderland. I told Rich that the other day. Well maybe Hawaii isnt ALL great ALL the time.
thanks for the reality check:)

Teamarcia said...

Hear hear!

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