Spring is finally on the way. How absolutely glorious after the winter we have had here in Massachusetts. Things are surly blooming. Question is, are all those flowers early or late bloomers?

One one hand you could argue that I was an early bloomer.  To this I mean I had boobs in the 6th grade. Oh joyous day.  Yes, that was horrible.  You don't want boobs in the 6th grade. You don't want to have anything. The boys can't handle it. 

As far as racing goes I was a late bloomer.  I may have started running early - in the 6th grade.  Now there's an epiphany.  Hmm.. I wonder if the two are connected (early boobs and running). I doubt it. In fact I suspect just the opposite. I have heard that running can stunt growth. Bummer!

No competitive racing took place until 2000? Maybe? I would say I started doing track workouts in the year 2000.  That does not necessarily mean I got faster that year although I most likely did.

Triathlon? Well I was practically last in the drive to tri. Not last in the race just the last one to take the plunge! Wet my feet!  Go for it!

Then there's the how-well-do-you-know-your-self blooming.  Late again. Here I am 46 and I'm still trying to figure it out. Still trying to figure out what makes me tick. Why do I like endurance sports?  What really makes me happy? Do I really fit perfectly into the Capricorn's persona? Was it my upbringing or college?  Who is Melissa J. Caron? dun dun dun dunnnnn.

On the other hand I could be considered an early bloomer in light of my entraprenurial spirit. I started my business when I was 30.  I thought, the earlier I start the sooner I have lots of money and time off. Unfortunately or fortunately I have created a monster in that department who will not allow me to have lots of time off or lots of money anytime soon.  Instead I am saddled with lots of work, responsibilities, and a guilty feeling when I take vacation.  Yes I take 6-8 weeks off per year but I want and need more! There is so much to do in life. I don't want to work my life away.

In the end I am glad to be a late bloomer. Late bloomers have a long challenging journey.  Just like the goat that I supposedly emulate.  Here's hoping that all this late blooming correlates to lots of late PRs.


runningyankee said...

hey- i'm still figuring stuff out too. and i think its a GOOD thing. otherwise it would all be the same over and over.. like bill murray in groundhog day. thats a nightmare to me :) hahah

Running and living said...

I spent my first 30 years studying my brains off, the next 5 figuring things out and now I have found peace!

Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal said...

I think of myself as a late bloomer, though I'm not yet 30....hmmm...can I count late 20's as late?

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