Marthas Vineyard RR

Martha's Vineyard 20 miler.

I learned a lot about my current fitness level at this race. I learned that I'm in great shape for a half marathon.

The drive with Melissa Bair and Zac was a little over an hour. Jumped on the shuttle bus to the ferry. Ferry ride was nice and relaxing. Stood around, numbered my bag and was very confident (unlike others) about what I was wearing. Gun goes off without a warning and very loudly I might add. So loud in fact that I screamed.

The first 10 miles were soooooo fun. I felt GLORIOUS! CONFIDENT (again), and sure of my plan. I actually let the fast women in my club go ahead. I was running smart. I was running my own race.

The last time I ran this race I did 7:36s (2:31:44). Today sub 7:40s felt easy enough with a serious tail wind. My breathing was easy. I knew the last 10 miles is "where the real work starts" due to the consistent rolling hills and headwind. Dave Reaville reminded me of this as I passed he and his lovely wife Maureen. Thanks for the reminder however I did know this since I have run this race 3 other times.

I felt that I could keep my planned pace of under 7:40s for 10 miles and then see what I had left in the tank for the remainder. That's all I wanted to do. Nothing to crazy. It's not what happened. Unfortunately.

Here are my splits.
7:31 - I think this is where I passed Dave and Maureen.
7:54 - I think this is where Dave catches me.
8:08 - Mile 15 - oh no. Really? - I think this is where Maureen then catches me.
8:12 - Stride deteriorating quickly.
8:24 - Getting passed by so many people I'm feeling awfully defeated
8:25 - Only 3 miles left come on Melissa PICK IT UP!
8:31 - Hills, please GOD WHEN WILL IT END
8:05 - Last miles I'm going to find it somewhere. Feels good to pick it up.
2:37:25 - (7:50s) 4Th in my age group.

Somewhat humbling experience. That night I played my race over and over in my head. It's hard to grapple with defeat. I know that I haven't been running long distance (not this long anyway) and this race is a good reminder to me of the work that needs to go into long distance races. With that said, this race has fueled my desire to run a fall marathon. Now I know where I stand and what I can work off of.

Dave and Maureen

Melissa Bair and Lisa Perna

Zac, Lisa and I on the ferry going home.


Running and living said...

You should have run Hampton Half with me:) No, you did great. I like how you analyzed the race and you learnt from it. The good news is that you only need a half marathon for your HIM, so you will rock that for sure:)

GoBigGreen said...

Oh Mel, that is a rough tough distance! I am so impressed mid winter that you did that and seriously you may as well have run a marathon:) so smiles all around, ok?

Mary IronMatron said...

Hey! I still think you had a good race! The firs part of the course isn't as hard... so OF COURSE you will slow down. :)
But it is good to remember the kind of craziness it takes to run long in a race....
You will be super fast this fall. xo

dogs turn left said...

Sorry I was so boring in the bar afterwards! I'm going to have to do something about my weak stomach...

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