Time for fun?

Finally found some time spew. Things are going well. I had a fantastic Holiday season. Here is a photo of myself, sister Bienzi, big brother David, and my lovely mother on Christmas day. I got to see my entire immediate family of 22 or so people.

I have been thinking a lot about triathlon lately. It is apparent to me that work does get in the way. Nothing knew I know but I have always felt that where there is a will there is a way. This belief has allowed for me to still think that I can find time to train for Ironman. It's just that lately I have really seen just how working can cause stress to the all important body. To think of training 15+ hours with that stress really is a bit tooooooooo much. I am still holding out hope that next year my workload will not be so dense. I'm thankful that I did not sign up for the Ironman this year. In this environment many businesses have to work more with less. My agency is no exception. That said, our business is currently thriving and we are taking that and running. Working harder. Yup.

I wonder how many other people have full time stressful jobs and find time to train for Ironman? I also wonder, do you train just enough to finish or do you train for time? Do you train to race hard and to be competitive?

While the IM is on the horizon my most immediate goal is to crush my halfiron PR. Training for the Patriot Half in June is going well. I also allowed myself to sign up for some long distance races. A 16 miler in NH in two weeks and a 20 miler on Martha's Vineyard in February. Mostly for fun but also to fan that fire to run that is always within me. I'm not training like a mad woman. It's way to early for that. And I'm not allowing these races to dictate my training. I'm just training through them with little taper. They are not my important races. They are here to have fun. I'm THRILLED to be having fun and running a bit more than usual. I am definitely thinking of doing a fall marathon. So, I might only do one Half this year and a full marathon in the fall.

Someone once said " you shouldn't jump around from triathlon to running events" if you want to be competitive. I thought about that a lot and to some extent I am sure that is true. However, I realized that life is short and I don't have that much time to focus only on triathlon. I need to get back to some running long distances. It's what keeps me ticking.

That's really all that's going on right now. Not a whole lot except trying to get better at playing poker.

Happy New Year!!!


Mary IronMatron said...

Oh, I agree. Life is too short to devote yourself exclusively to one sport! :) And I fail to see why running a race here and there hurts tri... If you treat them like tempo or speed workouts they can be very beneficial. It's true that it is very hard to focus on running very fast at a short distance road race and then trying to train yourself to run the 12 marathon at the end of a half IM at the same time, but still....

Running and living said...

Glad things are working well for you. Not sure that running races is bad for triathlon...I know lots of bloggers AGers who crushed marathons after their season, and also raced running races during the season. But then you don't see Chrissy running marathons...
I am doing Derry, too, mainly for fun, no taper, but I do want to push a bit toward the end. I loved the race last year. Hope to see you there.
And I hear you about the IM. For me, I worry that IM training will make me a slower runner, and I am not ready for that:)

Scott said...

The Martha's Vineyard run sounds great! It's such a beautiful island and it's mostly flat with some nice rolling hills.

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