Derry NH - 16 Miler

I had heard that Derry NH was hilly, windy, and cold. That makes for the best bragging rights so I had to see what all the fuss was about and earn my right.

As it turns out they were right. It is hilly. Mountainous actually and extremely picturesque. Unfortunately I didn't get many photos. Just the pix shown below.

Here we are after the race enjoying our SALAD, burgers, and beer. Yay! It's so fulfilling. Running a very hard 16 miler with friends in the middle of winter then enjoying the food and beer after. Sorry the photos are a little washed out. The restaurant was a little dark even at 2:PM in the afternoon.

Here I am towards the top of a very long hill. I remember asking myself why the photos had to be taken at the top of a hill when we are struggling to breath. I am hardly off the ground here. Almost looks like I'm walking. There were walkers but I was not one of them. I thought about it but decided I better not for fear I might not want to run again.

I can't say that I came away thrilled with my race. HOWEVER it was exactly what I had planned it to be. A "C" race. A race in which I was not prepared. Didn't even taper. Nope. Trained right through it. I just wanted to have fun and that I did.

I will say though. I'm rethinking this whole "C" race theory. According to TP a "C" race is a race you will most likely do. It's not very important and you will do little to no taper. The problem with the C race is that you will most likely not do well. You will not race up to par. As a matter of fact you might race pretty poorly.

My race was poor. I was pretty bummed about that. It was probably my worst race ever really. I didn't even break 8s. It's OK though. I wanted to hang with my friends, check out Derry, and enjoy a thoroughly earned beer OR TWO. I could actually consider this race a race of growth. Of coming out of my comfort zone. Of being one of the slower runners. It may have been rough on me for the first day or two as I thought about it. But now. It's all OK. I have my focus in the right place. I'm willing to saffrice a race result to obtain the real goal that I have put forth. My "A" race.


Running and living said...

You did not walk the hills? Not even a little? Well, that is an accomplishment in of itself. I ran the race last year and I walked part of that monster hill! I am bummed I did not make it this year; next year, for sure!

Tricia said...

sounds like you accomplished what you set out to: you ran it. dont be so hard on yourself

(and those darn race pics, I manage to often look like I'm walking too.How do they always time it just right?)

Mary IronMatron said...

It is a race of growth!! The C race.. it is hard to handle a C race if you like to be competitive... if you love to compete and see what you can do. But I really think they are important. They help you put everything in perspective and give you a chance to enjoy a race without all the pressure. And done correctly, a C race is also a time to be with good friends. I'm so glad I got to see you and hang out! (even if you did get a salad...)

Kim said...

hey, not a bad way to start the season melissa! there are 11 more months for A and B races!

Running and living said...

I did the Quincy Half last year and loved it. It is a smaller race and closer to me than Bedford. Also, Half at Hamptons in 3 weeks if a good one, too.

I use Feria by Loreal and love it. I am not a fan of the salon experience, I believe it is a waste of money for hair color. So easy to do it at home:)

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