Moving On and Other Gems

February is over and so is the week of rest that I just indulged myself with. I'm happy that March is here. March, for me, and probably many other athletes, marks the pending birth of a new beginning. Spring and spring training.

Yesterday was my last non-training day for the week but I could not resist taking BB2out for a spin. Since I purchased her this winter I haven't had many opportunities, or any actually, to take her out. We went for an easy 10 miles. I needed to keep it easy since I am still not 100% over this cold. It felt so great to be on the bike. The temp was in the upper 40s once I got out there with all of my new gear. I felt a little overdressed but did not care.

I'm going to jump right into Half Iron training this week. I feel really good right now. I have recovered both physically and mentally. I will not be replacing my February marathon with another to redeem myself. There are virtually no local marathons in March that I could take on anyways. The last time I tried to redeem myself was from the Chicago heat marathon (2007) of which I did not succeed. As a matter of fact I only exasperated my glute problem.

Although Hyannis was disappointing (don't worry I'm over it) I always look for the lesson in every bad or goood race. What I have learned from Hyannis is that, yes, some things are beyond our control BUT. Isn't there always a but? I will endeavor, in the future, to stay home when there is someone who is sick that is around me and I have less than a week before a big race. I know this might not be possible to do all the time but I think I could have avoided getting sick had I stayed home that Thursday. I knew there was a possibility of getting sick due to working near someone who was indeed sick. That's all. I will take this more seriously next time and not assume that just because I have been sick-free all winter that I am immune.

Other little gems:

I am ITCHING to run a race in April or May. I don't feel as though I raced at all.

I have a 2.5 hour bike ride this Saturday that will most likely be done on the trainer unless we avoid the rain storm headed our way

I am reading the "The Brothers Bulger" by Howie Carr. It's fascinating to learn just how corrupt Massachusetts was. I also found it really fascinating that I had lived, for 6 months, litterally doors down from a mafia headquarters on Prince St. in the North End of Boston.

I named my bike BB2. She is aptly named after the my first Blue Bomber. Here's a photo of BB1. This is exactly how she looked. I only paid $2000 back in 1990. I got about 8 years out of her.

Here are a few pictures from the Hyannis Hell event. Actually, I had fun catching up with my sister and mother. I seldom get to do that. I find that we are a very low key group when we are together. Separate? my god, you wouldn't know we were the same people. I found that kind of interesting.

The above photo was take at about mile 5.

This photo was taken just after I stopped at mile 13. I made my mother take the photo. It is hystorical after all. I look pasty but I'm happy with how my clothes look.

This is a photo of the Hyots that I took myself while waiting for my sis to finish.

Here we are pre-race and Pasta party.


Speed Racer said...

Hey! We have something in common! I DNFed at Hyannis last year! That's such a tough race bc the weather always sucks and the route is deserted the 2nd loop. Glad spring's here now and we can all move on.

(By the way, no, I can't squat 500 lb, and no tri's this year, but I may do the Rev3 Aquabkie.)

Running and living said...

Glad you moved on! You can always do a fall marathon, if you want to. I don't know, I honestly feel like there is no preventing getting sick. It can happen, no matter how hard one tries to protect themselves. So 2.5 hours on the trainer! Wow, I stayed 1/2 hour on today and was counting the minutes. Good luck!

Teamarcia said...

We also have something in common: we endured the hell that was Chicago 2007. My bright idea was to rebound so I hurried up and signed up for Vegas. Then my IT went kaput. End of story.
You sound good. I love that you mom and sis are runners too. So cool.

Meg said...

It feels good to move on...there's only so much we can do when our body isn't 100% and you made the best of it. It sounds like you're excited for your spring training. Cute pictures of the race, I love the one with your mom and sister. You have such cute short hair, I wish I could rock short hair like you!
Keep looking for a race!

Mary IronMatron said...

Bring on Tri-Season! Wahoo! Are you doing the Wrentham Duathlon again this year?
I'm going on my first ride outside today! Ek! I'm afraid I won't remember how to ride...
I love the name BB2. Perfect.

Amanda said...

Yes, the clothes look good...and that's something! Actually, it's huge.

Love the name BB2, considering BB1. Happy training! And here's to feeling better

Heidi Austin said...

may and april races suck... (especially if you live in the north)... don't know what i was thinking but i'm praying im ready for April 18th :)

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