March Madness

I just completed an inside brick. I was pumped to do this because I was able to go fast on the bike and on the run all within the same workout. Coming off of marathon training I'm not really in short race shape and this workout asked for 4 miles at 10k pace! Not so easy to do but I wanted to be pushed BACK into short race shape so I was more than happy to do this workout.
At first it felt really good. Then, of course, towards the end, during the last mile I had to focus on just staying within myself. I was pretty tired when that was over but elated that I was able to do it correctly. It's perfect training for my sprint in May. Now I just have to find a short race in April.

This month is really chuck full of activities. This weekend I have my first swim at Haaaavard. Yeah! I am very excited to go and see how I stack up. I'm pretty sure I can beat the 60 year olds ( I wouldn't dare say that about the 50 year olds) but I never over estimate. Let me just say that there are literally 100s of people participating in this meet. The waves run from slowest to fastest. Guess which wave I'm in? Actually I am not exactly sure but since I'm an oldish kind of fart (45) and pretty slow, I believe I am within the first 3 waves. I'll keep you posted on this riveting race. Am I self depricating?

Next weekend I also get to go to triathlon camp. THIS is what I look forward to most. I can just imagine how much fun it's going to be. Even though it will be challenging it will also be warm and I will be around other women triathletes (and a couple of men) to make me feel normal. You know, people who get the whole tri thingy.

I don't want to elaborate on the water that arrived in my basement this week but I will say we New Englanders are one sturdy bunch. Most of my neighbors went through the same kind of water logged happiness and came out OK. Nobody is really down and out. We had a lot of flooding and that is all I'm going to say. I don't like to dwell on the bad stuff.

Happy spring very soon!!!


Meg said...

Tri camp sounds like fun! I can't wait to hear more about it!

Mary IronMatron said...

Oh.... Harvard will be fun!! And Mel, it's more than hundreds of athletes, sweetie. It's more like a thousand.... It's the Short Course Yard Championship! The meet goes for two weekends! We have nearly 200 people representing Maine alone! :)
I wouldn't understimate the 60 year-olds either, alas. There are some seriously fast one out there! I think age doesn't affect swimming speed as much as running speed...
But you are going to do great! I am in the firs heats too! I can't wait for you to see some real swimmers. It's awesome to watch them...

Melissa said...

Let me rephrase a bit. I looked up SOME of the 60 year olds times and think I can beat SOME of the 60 year olds. I think I'm going to catch some heat for that comment. Sorry out there!! I am only comparing my estimated times to some of your estimated times. All in fun!!!

Amanda said...

a huge swim meet and tri camp...more than makes up for the flooded basement, right?

Have fun!

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