Hyannis - DNF

This is a really hard blog to write. Hyannis was a bust. I was ready for it, all pumped up, relaxed, possitive, in shape, and I had taken care of all the details. Unfortunately, on Friday, I caught a cold. Does this sound like an excuse? Each time I say this it feels like an excuse. However I know it's not an excuse.

I ran the first 7 miles perfectly. I felt comfortable and the pace felt easy. I was holding back a little bit. Not alot. Then, slowly, during mile 8, I started to feel tired. I ignored it for a while hoping it would pass but then, rather quickly, I started to feel very tired. I fell way of pace and I started to cough. At that point a thought crossed my mind that read "I might not finish this race". Just like that.

By mile 9 I had decided I would not finish the race. It all happened very quickly. My body and mind had done a complete 360 within such a short period of time. I did not have to agonize too long about the decision. I just knew it was the right thing to do.

I finished up the half marathon not crossing the line. Met my mom who took a couple of photos of my demise (don't want to forget this one) and waited patiently for my sister Brenda to finish. I froze to death doing that but nevertheless I got some great photos of her and the Hoyts.

Unfortunately I felt as though I had hyperthermia for the following two hours. I just shivered forever. Thankfully the hotel had a hot tub. It was a saving grace.

I am now recovering from my typical but raging cold. I also read up a little bit on "Running with a Cold" just to confirm I made the right decision. I found out that a cold can turn much worse due to the stress on the body during an endurance event.

All they way home I questioned myself about the decision to drop out. I spoke with a couple of my closest friends who assured me I made the right decision. It's hard not to judge yourself harshly after an event like this. I'm glad I didn't decide to just run though it. I would not have proven anything by doing so.

I'll try to fit in a replacement marathon within the next month. This could be difficult because I already had a few things going on but we'll see.

So there you have it. My first DNF. Ugh, it's still stings now matter how you slice it.


Meg said...

Ugh, I don't know what to say to make you feel better, I'm so sorry this race went in this direction! It's so hard after all the work and planning but you can't fight a sick body, it just happens! I hope you can find a replacement and move on quickly and most importantly, get well quickly! Hang in there Melissa!

cheryl said...

Shoot, DNF does suck. But in the bigger picture, its just one day among thousands. One race among hundreds. You're in great shape, and will be back strong for the next one! take care of yourself, and get better.

Mary IronMatron said...

You did do the right thing. Just last week I did a long run with a cold that had just started to kick in. It was a zone 1/2 run--and it still ended up sending me fully back a week--I had to skip nearly a week's worth of training. It took two weeks to stop coughing and snotting... A cold can move very quickly into your chest. It's not worth it to run a subpar marathon just to finish, especially if it will set you way back in terms of your health.
I'm so sorry! But YOU DID do the right thing. It's not an excuse. Do not let your doubt tell you that you should've stuck it out.

David said...

That's rough! After I slowed way down I kept expecting to see you go by, but you were having an even tougher day than me! You're a pretty experienced endurance athlete, so I'm sure you were reading the signals right if your body was telling you to pack it in.

Ange said...

oh Melissa...my heart is there with you. You Did the right thing..but of course it hurts .Because Damn the Cold for stopping at YOU on Friday! didn't that damn germ know YOu didn't have time for it? UGh. Go sit on someone who was just going to sit on the couch all weekend anyway. Grrrr... Totally frustrating. But you WILL get your chance to totally rock that marathon race. I can feel a really really fast time pouring out of you SOON!!! I know it. NOw you have the pent up anger from that day on top of being a super fit fast running woman!!!
Rest up and get psyched to rock it soon. You were smart. Imagine if pneumonia settled in.. not good.
see you soon.

Running and living said...

Yes, you did the right thing! Elite marathoners drop out when they know that they can't run as well as they should. It is a smart move, because hopefully you'll get well quikcly, and your legs will be fresh for another race (and you'll do great there!)

Melissa said...
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GoBigGreen said...

Oh sooo sorry this happened. Remember it isnt your fault. Stuff happens and you gotta roll with it. And it wasnt your goal race, even tho i know you put alot of training in. But remember that training is still GOOD training and it will serve you well this spring and summer. Rest up, we will have fun in Tucson!

maureen said...

Melissa, I am sorry that happened to you!! How are you feeling now? Did you find another marathon?
Hang in there and ago easy on yourself! Mo

Es --- IRONMAN! said...

I hope you are feeling better! No worries about this race - there are many, many, many more in the future!
Take care!

Jennifer Harrison said...

Melissa, I know a DNF is not easy. Especially how hard you worked for this marathon. It was going to be HUGE. HUGE..but there is plenty of time and we have other fish to fry. A true champion takes the good w/ the bad.


Teamarcia said...

I'm sorry to read this. How disappointing but you did the right thing by stopping. I'm going thru this too with the respiratory infection and the injury. It's so hard to balance what you know deep down is right for your body and the drive to achieve the goal. There will be other races. And you won't be sick. Take care!

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